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Never Try To Outstubborn a Cat

Wow. I have fallen to the terrible tropical fever known as ‘Sleeping All Day’ Syndrome.
It is extremely easy to fall prey to this fever, especially if you don’t have to worry about a job, or any sort of time-sensitive endeavor.

Unfortunately, we own ten cats.
When I woke up and came out of my room today, I was attacked by at least six furry, meowing, twisting bodies…like a hungry swarm of soft, tame sharks writhing in between my feet and around my legs… wishing they could murder me, but knowing I’m the only one in the house today that can open the precious, magical food door of awesomeness.

I took care of them, took care of myself with noodles and coffee, and settled in to write a new bloggity.
It’s nice to have a hobby again, writing is one of those things I used to do in notebooks, for myself, and for little-to-no purpose, but now I get to feel like people may actually derive entertainment from my writing!

So yes.
You did, in fact read that correctly.
Ten cats, two dogs.

Damon and I have this mutual problem, where if we see a teensy motherless, mewling mess on the side of the road, we have an obsessive compulsion to pick it up and let it slowly start to crawl its way into our moldy old hearts.
More than likely a result of the parasites each one probably carries, this strange burrowing behavior takes root within seconds, and cannot be reversed… Especially if the cat in question is smaller than your average sandwich.

So needless to say, since I arrived, we’ve succumbed five times to this effect.

The good part about what we do, however, is that we spay and neuter the cats that we rescue, de-worm them, clean them all up, and give them a safe place to call home.
It is ridiculously common in the Philippines to see abandoned animals on the sides of the roads.
The main problem is that cats and dogs are seen more of nuisances, alarm systems, and work animals rather than pets. On top of that, it is considered bad luck to kill cats, so many just leave them somewhere to starve and die naturally, or they get run over by cars… Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.

Damon’s mom, Donna tell us that the stray-cat-saving needs to stop, and that we can’t take in any more, it’s getting too expensive, etc, etc, blah, blah… But every few months, we manage to sneak another into the group while she’s away teaching… It makes me feel like an Underground Railway operator sometimes – Ha!

I set up a Facebook page for it about a month ago, but I don’t update it as regularly as this blog, simply because life with cats is pretty much the same thing every day… They attack you for food, they eat, they leave for the day or sleep, at night they tear around the house beating each other up, they sleep, and then the next day begins… But I suppose if people are interested in seeing their pictures, I will post the link below.

The Furbaby Funhouse


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It Was The Myth of a Rainy Night

Well… More than a myth, it’s been a very rainy day and evening here.

I bounced back and forth between two titles today for the bloggity….this one, and a quote by Jack Johnson that says “Can’t you see that it’s just raining? There ain’t no need to go outside.” Because exactly the opposite was true… I had to go update my visa today at immigration, so I definitely needed to go outside. Either way, I decided to go with Kerouac, just because I like his writing, and I have no idea who Mr. Johnson is, beyond being some singer-dude.

On top of it, Damon is deathly sick, and can barely even hold water down, so it’s been a glorious morning, full of the sounds of pitter-patter rain on a tin roof, and violent bursts from Mr. Chucky McVomit from the other room, the poor thing.

Once Raymond, our helper/housekeeper/family friend arrived at the house, I asked him to drive me into town to the Immigration office and got all my paperwork completed for another two months.
I talked about driving being scary here in my last post, but rain-driving is even worse… I have zero idea how Raymond kept us alive today… I had an umbrella on us while we drove, but he said it got in his way and didn’t help at all, so I put it away… Once I did, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open, let alone on the road, so I’m pretty darn impressed we didn’t die.

I do love the rain here though.
One moment it can be calm and sunny, and the next, there becomes a downpour so heavy that you can’t even see the houses across the way.
There are static lightning storms practically every night, which is awesome to watch, but not very much thunder, which kinda sucks for me, I am absolutely in love with big, loud thunder crackling and booming… the kind that shakes your house when it erupts.

I got home safe and sound, Ray went home early because he was soaked to the bone, and I tried my hand at making a homemade ragu/marinara from scratch…it turned out okay, but still no comparison to Damon’s sauces.
It was very spicy from the Bird’s Eye chilies I threw in, only three tiny red chilies in a whole pan-full of sauce, but my mouth was on fire… we have a giant bush of them in the back yard, too many to ever use up, it is our best-growing plant in the garden, and they are mighty tasty little things… really darn good in burgers as well.

Now I’m curling up with a coffee and some writing, listening to the crickets and the rain, and occasionally going to check on Husby, and generally just relaxing.
Really not an exciting day at all, but then again, not every day can be a darn party!

The following video is the drive from our house into the mall in town…it wasn’t taken today, but a few weeks ago with Damon. Beware, turn your speakers down, as there is a lot of wind noise on the video, and maybe one or two swear words as well.

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