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A Good PR Story is Infinitely More Effective Than a Front Page Ad

Slowly but surely saving up bit by bit for the bistro…..I really don’t have much right now but like I said previous…it’s better than nuthin!

Also, I forgot to say that the other picture I included of the bamboo thing with a face is our piggy bank lol

Doming accidentally called it our ‘pork bank’ because he couldn’t remember ‘piggy bank’ so now we joke all the time that it’s our pork barrel fund.

Yesterday was fiesta for macaboo…er…makabu or however it’s spelled… we went to a million people’s houses and ate a trillion lechons and meatballs and ribs and drank five zillion gallons of coke and sprite….I was dying by the end of the day lol
Unfortunately no pictures, booo….god damn the ex for stealing my camera.
Literally EVERYONE was staring at me everywhere I went, it was sooo awkward, and as an anxiety-ridden basketcase, it makes socializing here sooo hard, because obviously, there ain’t no hiding my pasty pale white skin….and everyone always looks and wants to talk and so I’m learning my best to not have panic attacks and stuff when strangers talk to me and stare….

aaanywhoozy, I figured I would post here because there’s quite a few of you that read my bloggity….if you could, can you please vote for me to win a full PR campaign for the bistro?
And also maybe share with your friends?

A lot of people have been having issues finding where to vote, so here’s a picture:

Andhere is the links for everything you need to know about the bistro!

Vote Here for the PR Campaign Contest
Here is the Facebook Page
Here is my Indiegogo Campaign for Donating

YAY! Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, I really appreciate the eyes and I hope someday it’s much more exciting of a read 😉


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Like Jell-O Off A Hot Car Hood

Again a few days of not posting…again, apologies, but this time I have a  valid excuse… My Splatter-Kitty had surgery, and I’ve been taking care of her the last few days.

The day previous to her surgery, we went into town for groceries… I snapped two pictures of the road by Robinson’s Mall to show the busy streets…the pictures don’t really capture the ‘Oh My God’ feeling of how busy the roads actually get, but good enough for now…and you can see Donna on her red Scoopy ahead of us…I took a video once of the roads and I think I posted it here when I first started this bloggity…if you missed it, turn your speakers down and watch it here:

The flower-ish picture is from these weird petals that were all over the side of the road…They must fall from the overhanging trees, because they’re in clusters, like someone dropped a pail of hot-pink paint every few feet… they make the road look really pretty.

The last picture is of a spider I fed. 
I’m terrified of spiders normally, but this one was acting strange and lethargic… it kept trying to leap on flies that passed by it, and I took pity on the poor guy… I went out on the porch with a rolled up paper and managed to stun a fly, bring it in, and dump it right in front of him…he went for it, and had a decent meal.

back to my poor kitty… I didn’t want her to have the surgery… She doesn’t roam very far at all when she goes outside, she’s always within earshot, because every single time I call to her, she comes running back to the house.
On top of that, we pretty much own every cat around the area, and all our boys are neutered. 
Unfortunately, Donna decided she needed to have her ovaries removed, so Damon, Ray and I all went two days ago to have it done.
We drove into town, the building was pretty much in the middle of the marketplace… walked up a flight of crumbling concrete steps into a building that had construction going on everywhere… and basically went into a wood-paneled office in the corner that looked more like a neighborhood MLA office than a veterinarian clinic.

There were three desks along the right side of the room, atop one of which, a guy was typing on an old-school clacketty typewriter…a long desk that not only served as both a paperwork area and greeting desk, but also had surgical-instruments just hanging out on it…and two table-ish desks in (( I guess you could call it )) the middle of the room.
To the left were filing cabinets and another paperwork desk.

I pretty much felt like fainting the whole time I was in there.
We sat on plastic chairs, and they asked us to hand Splatter over.
They gave her some needles and after about three minutes, she was as high as a cloud, purring her brains out with unfocused eyes.
They took her to the first table closest to us, right in the middle of the office, masking-taped her paws, tied her bondage-style to the table with some kind of tape or something, and an assistant shaved her poor tummy…she didn’t give too much of a crap, she was out of ‘er, and that part was actually kind of funny, just the way she was tied and how she didn’t care at all.

But then they gave her a sleeping needle and she went out like a light.
Then, again- RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING, they started and finished the operation.
The doctor who was doing the operation held up the little tubey-parts and showed them to Damon and I when he cut them out.

It was freaky, to say the least…
I’ll spare the gory details.
After they sewed her up and we got her home, she was super out of it and dizzy for the whole night… even after just being cut open, she was trying to walk around…but she just kept flumping back onto her side and sleeping. I’ve been cuddling her for two days, and I gave her the medicine we were told to give her, and she’s doing way better now.
I feel so bad for her, but the worst is over and Thank God for that.



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