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An Unpopular Electric Eel Set in a Pond of Catfish

Well hello, gentle readers!
Pretty decent day today overall…Damon and I tried to go see Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs 2 again… But when we got to Robinson’s, we found out the cinema was closed for another day…the poster for the movie is gone, too…so I don’t think I’ll get to see it in theatres…boooo.

We decided to go to the outdoor market.
I wanted to snap pictures, but I was too shy, so Damon took some while I was outside having a smoke… Enjoy!






Afterwards, Damon went to the bathroom at the McDonalds, and got me to take a picture of him and Ronnie…His most faaavorite clown in the whole world:


Can you tell I’m being sarcastic?
Ha Ha.

We stopped in at the oldest church in Negros, so I could see it, and to pay some respects to God… and not more than three minutes after we were sitting down and kneeling and doing our prayers, a funeral procession came in and filled up the rows around us.

Waaay to feel awkwaaard…We bowed our heads, said a few words, and quietly rushed out…
We were about a block away, walking back up the street to the Scoopy when I finally realized I had forgotten my backpack at the church.

I had to go back, all the way to the second pew from the front, and quietly ask during a still moment for my bag…I felt like such a dummy, and so embarrassed…the guy who died must have been a joker, watching it all and laughing at me from heaven.

Anyway, as we were driving home, I snapped a shot of the belfry…back in the day, I guess it used to ring to warn people that Pirates were in town.


And that was the day!
We came home, made a beautiful marinara that we’re going to eat when Donna goes to bed, and now I’m going to go have a smoke and watch the lightning from the porch!

Have a good one everybody.

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Sickness in Paradise – The Foreign Plague

Welcome to my blog!

This may as well be an introduction as well as a critique… I have a lot to say, but know I must keep my posts short-ish and sweet to lock you in as a potential regular.

I am a 26 year old Lady living in the Philippines, originally hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada.
I moved here to be with my husband, who, up until about eight years ago, also used to call Canada home.

This blog came about in the last few days as a protest and response to another blog I found while surfing on the internet… It is a self-proclaimed ‘personal journal’ that a fifty-something year old man from America had started back in 2005, chronicling his move and subsequent retirement in the Philippines.

While reading his posts, I’ve discovered the blatant racism and distastefully vulgar opinions that I’ve been warned about by my husband…He tells me most foreigners that move to or visit the Philippines are here for the ‘Sex Tourism’ and the ability to easily take advantage of the local population.

Seems to be very true for this guy… he jokes around about having sex with women in their early twenties, talks about his rich friends who do the same, he insults the people, calls them ugly, and talks about hanging around in the places my husband has warned me about… Pick-up spots like the Whynot discos and the McDonalds, etc.

It disgusts me that old white men from America and Europe can come to a beautiful paradise such as this and mar it with their revolting, beastly ways.
Every Filipino I’ve ever met or spoken to here is so polite and happy that it is almost unnerving, and the beauty of the people is well-matched by the beauty of the landscape.

So basically, I will be keeping this blog as a record of my own experiences here… not as a rich, spoiled, fat, white foreigner, but as a simple Lady living a simple life with her husband in a beautiful land.

I hope you’ll come along, and enjoy a different take on what I now consider to be our home country.


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