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You Cannot Live With a Paw In Each World


New kitty alerrrt. 

The other night, I heard a weird noise, so I investigated….
I took a lawn chair, put it up against the wall surrounding our house, rolled up one of the big bamboo mats, and made an incline on the other side, and coaxed this little bugger from the bushes.
S/he had a little black ribbon around its neck, so we have to go knocking on doors to see if anyone lost it, but for now, we de-flea-ed it, and are feeding and caring for it. 

That brings us to a grand total of eleven cats. 
We must be insane. haha
It’s getting a bit on the expensive side, but I can’t just let the poor kitties die.

Today was supposed to be beach resort day, but unfortunately, Donna found out she has breast cancer.
She had a biopsy done on a tumor, and now she has to wait to find out if it has spread anywhere else, but it looks like she’s going to need a mastectomy.

She doesn’t seem too badly shaken up by the news, but I don’t know how much she’s holding in either…she’s kinda good at that.
I feel terrible about it, and now more than ever I want to be able to do something to help support the household…Lord knows how much all the surgeries and medicines are going to cost.
Thank God, however, that we aren’t in Canada….it would have taken her months and months to get the xrays and CT scans and biopsies, and would have cost her thousands and thousands instead of just hundreds.

I finally got tape to build a mannequin, so I’ll be doing that, then getting back to sewing and designing clothes.
Then, I have to figure out how to sell my wares….I’ve looked at a few websites, but they all charge fees, so I think I’m just going to start a Facebook page and sell through there.

I posted a resume-type ad on craigslist Manila for online jobs, so hopefully something comes my way soon.

Just a quick update, not much going on besides that.

As always, my Deviantart prints are for sale here:
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Thanks to Everyone who reads.

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Exhaustion Without Reward is Torture


That’s Splatter….Though I gotta say, that’s what I’ve felt like the last few days. Haha
Lazy and exhausted.
Nothing terrible, Damon’s still on a no-drinking streak as far as I know, (( nine days so far )) But in the last five or so days I’ve been sticking to Craigslist, Manila like glue and applying to any job I don’t think is a total scam.
I’ve written about four 500-word articles to send out to people, and I wrote one 6-700 word article for my friend who edits and reviews articles for a Medicanna Magazine named Releaf. She’s published me once before, so I know this next one will be published. It’s a non-paying gig, but getting published work out there is a good thing to have for future references.

I’ve added a few more pictures up on my Deviantart account, and I’m praying that it’ll pay off someday…  I know I’m no professional yet with a camera, but it is my goal to be a pro one day, and hopefully own a Nikon or Canon by this time next year.
Donna said last week she would buy me packing tape so I could make a mannequin to begin designing and sewing clothes again, but….new week, no tape…..she tends to do that a lot, I’ve learned to not get my hopes up too high with her.

There’s an opening party for a beach resort we got invited to for the 3oth, I am going to take Donna’s camera and snap some really good shots of everything…they have a blog on their website, and their pictures aren’t currently the best, so I’m going to contact the owners, whom Donna knows well, show them the work I do after I get home, and then offer to update the blog for them regularly with pictures and write for them regularly…  Perhaps not for pay, but maybe I can stay there for free for a week every month or something.
Or, hopefully, maybe pay AND free monthly accommodation!…  Wouldn’t that be something.

So all in all, I’ve been a busy little turtle on the net this week.
I’m poopered, and I hope it pays off.
It’d be nice to go back to relaxing and enjoying the country instead of running around like a decapitated chicken trying to wrack my brain for income ideas.

Ciao for now….any ideas from you loverly readers would be awesome….and as always, if you enjoy reading, and would like to donate to the bloggity and support me, the link is right here:


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