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Art is Art, Water is Water, and Stewed Cranberries Are More Like Prunes Than Rhubarb

Well, I spent all night and day yesterday cleaning up old pictures of Damon’s, and putting together a simple website for him and his art. I think it turned out pretty darn good, and you can find it here:

A lot of his work was lost or damaged badly in a flood a few years back, but I did what I could, took my photos (( With Donna’s Camera, for all wondering souls, )) Cleaned the pictures up, put borders on ’em with GIMP, and uploaded them.

He’s such a darn talented man.

He’s also the type of artist who doesn’t really like the idea of selling his art, selling out to people who want ‘more sex’ and less story….There was an incident years ago when he still lived in Montreal he tells me about… Some hotshot from NYC wanted to see about publishing his book about Menalucia… They flew him out, schmoozed him, then got down to business.

They told him Mennie wasn’t ‘sexy’ enough, and that changes to her character would be needed.

Now, I know you lovely readers don’t know Mennie, but she’s a hero in her own right, a strong, brassy, brash character, Alive in the time of World War Two, and she certainly needs no ‘sexing up’, …She’d punch a guy in the face in a heartbeat for suggesting such a thing.

Needless to say, the book still isn’t published, and he’s highly protective of the pages he has left.
To be completely honest, even I still haven’t tried to read it.

So he told me the other night that if I wanted to be his agent, I could have the job, and I want to get his art and talent out to the few souls who would actually & sincerely appreciate his stuff.

Feel free to share his site, and please get back to us with any sort of questions or comments.
I would like to point out however, that this is my personal blog…all commission work that you may like to speak to him about can be done through his site.
I do take donations here, but I cannot guarantee that your donation will receive a gift from this point on….not only do I not want to flood him with work, but I also want to keep the two lines separate.
His site is his, mine is mine. I personally feel like it’s better business practice to do so.

(( As for your rose, Miss Lady, don’t worry, he’s already sat down and deliberated about it, he has a design in mind, and I think you’ll really, REALLY like it when it’s completed. ))

I shall leave you today with a picture he did of Violette Szabo….another amazing historical figure…she was a WW2 Secret Agent, organized resistance networks all over the place, and was ultimately executed by firing squad at Ravensbrück camp at the age of Twenty Three.



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‘Someday’ Is Not a Day of The Week

Wow, so finally I can update my bloggity for you lovely followers!!!

Google chrome, which I currently am using for my browser decided to arbitrarily update itself, with or without my opinion or choice in the matter. Because of that, my internet was slow as all-get-out for three days, and WordPress wouldn’t load.

Yaaaaay, technology!
Never matter, I’m back, though I can’t say there’s much news.
Damon and I took a ride into town the other day, just to pick up some stuff at Robinson’s Mall, but I really liked and appreciated getting out of the house.
It has been super-tense lately because Donna ((Damon’s Mother)) is pushing and pushing about jobs.
((Ironically, the Department of Immigration posted today on Facebook that companies that hire foreigners that don’t have proper paperwork can be fined up to ten-thousand pesos, and the foreigner in question will be deported.))
So point being, having a break from being hounded was blissful, and I really missed being on the back of the bike with him driving… He may be an insane driver, but I feel comfy and safe when I ride with him, and it reminds me of the first few days I was here.

I tried my hand at the Marinara again today… It was a bit more improved, but still nowhere near his. 

Oh! And my corset arrived, though still no word from my Lush package… The corset is beautiful in real life, and very well made… It fits me, but the way it fits reminds me I’m not a young spring chicken anymore, and should be toning up more often than I do… I’m finding my tummy is getting a bit ‘fluffy’… Ha

There was a big tropical storm in the last few days, it hit Manila pretty bad and there’s been widespread flooding, but it missed us completely except for a spot of rain and maybe three gusts of wind.

Anywhoo, that’s been all for now… I leave you with a short video of Splatter the cat out hunting at night!

The Kitty

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