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Anything You Lose Comes Round in Another Form




Lots of things have happened, and fear not, I have not abandoned this bloggity at all, the technology in the house all went kaput at pretty much the same time….
Donna went to Makati for surgery a few days before my birthday…..which was January 17th….then the tv died, and the internet started glitching up….

Damon drank again for four straight days and that was terrible, I got called all sorts of nasty things again, and at one point it was so bad I took my bag, packed it, and got a jeepney to Coco Amigos on the waterfront downtown.
I sat there for hours, had a calamansi juice, and smoked cigarettes…..I foolishly assumed he’d come try to find me after so many hours, but I was wrong. I was going to sleep outside and start doing what I needed to do to survive, but I got really tired and it was raining so I got the last Jeepney back to Valencia and walked back to the house.

What a terrible cycle it is….He drinks and treats me horribly…..I tell him I want to go home, and that he promised to send me back if things didn’t work out…then he stays sober for a few days so I feel like everything’s back on track, then he gets drunk again.

I’m tired of it, but I’m literally stuck here…I have no way to get myself home, I have about $100 in the bank, and I don’t know anyone who can help me out. I don’t want to ask Donna because she’s dealing with the chemo and stuff right now….but I’m going to have to.

My visa extension has also been expired since January 18th… technically I’m staying in the country illegally right now….but again, no money to do anything about it.
Maybe I could be deported. lol

Anyways, while Damon was on his little binge, I’d go up to the top of the path with a book and a beer and just sit and read all day….one day I was just crying and begging God for help, saying I needed to talk to someone, and that kinda stuff….and a few minutes later after I calmed down a bit, two missionaries, Sister Seaberg and Sister Fatiau sat down on the bench beside me and talked with me for quite a few hours.

They’re Mormons, and we’ve been hanging out ever since, they come to the house, we’ve cooked pasta for them, we went to church, and I’ll be going again this week, and while I don’t think I’ll join the church as a member, it’s just really nice to be socializing and to have someone to talk to again in the ‘real world’

Damon was invited to start a cooking class in the church, but last night while drunk he was going on about how he’s not going to go anymore and blah blah, so tough luck for him.


Not much other news, we’re going to be switching internet providers soon, because this one has terrible connection.

Write more soon….I haven’t died, don’t worry. haha


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Never Try To Outstubborn a Cat

Wow. I have fallen to the terrible tropical fever known as ‘Sleeping All Day’ Syndrome.
It is extremely easy to fall prey to this fever, especially if you don’t have to worry about a job, or any sort of time-sensitive endeavor.

Unfortunately, we own ten cats.
When I woke up and came out of my room today, I was attacked by at least six furry, meowing, twisting bodies…like a hungry swarm of soft, tame sharks writhing in between my feet and around my legs… wishing they could murder me, but knowing I’m the only one in the house today that can open the precious, magical food door of awesomeness.

I took care of them, took care of myself with noodles and coffee, and settled in to write a new bloggity.
It’s nice to have a hobby again, writing is one of those things I used to do in notebooks, for myself, and for little-to-no purpose, but now I get to feel like people may actually derive entertainment from my writing!

So yes.
You did, in fact read that correctly.
Ten cats, two dogs.

Damon and I have this mutual problem, where if we see a teensy motherless, mewling mess on the side of the road, we have an obsessive compulsion to pick it up and let it slowly start to crawl its way into our moldy old hearts.
More than likely a result of the parasites each one probably carries, this strange burrowing behavior takes root within seconds, and cannot be reversed… Especially if the cat in question is smaller than your average sandwich.

So needless to say, since I arrived, we’ve succumbed five times to this effect.

The good part about what we do, however, is that we spay and neuter the cats that we rescue, de-worm them, clean them all up, and give them a safe place to call home.
It is ridiculously common in the Philippines to see abandoned animals on the sides of the roads.
The main problem is that cats and dogs are seen more of nuisances, alarm systems, and work animals rather than pets. On top of that, it is considered bad luck to kill cats, so many just leave them somewhere to starve and die naturally, or they get run over by cars… Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.

Damon’s mom, Donna tell us that the stray-cat-saving needs to stop, and that we can’t take in any more, it’s getting too expensive, etc, etc, blah, blah… But every few months, we manage to sneak another into the group while she’s away teaching… It makes me feel like an Underground Railway operator sometimes – Ha!

I set up a Facebook page for it about a month ago, but I don’t update it as regularly as this blog, simply because life with cats is pretty much the same thing every day… They attack you for food, they eat, they leave for the day or sleep, at night they tear around the house beating each other up, they sleep, and then the next day begins… But I suppose if people are interested in seeing their pictures, I will post the link below.

The Furbaby Funhouse


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Sickness in Paradise – The Foreign Plague

Welcome to my blog!

This may as well be an introduction as well as a critique… I have a lot to say, but know I must keep my posts short-ish and sweet to lock you in as a potential regular.

I am a 26 year old Lady living in the Philippines, originally hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada.
I moved here to be with my husband, who, up until about eight years ago, also used to call Canada home.

This blog came about in the last few days as a protest and response to another blog I found while surfing on the internet… It is a self-proclaimed ‘personal journal’ that a fifty-something year old man from America had started back in 2005, chronicling his move and subsequent retirement in the Philippines.

While reading his posts, I’ve discovered the blatant racism and distastefully vulgar opinions that I’ve been warned about by my husband…He tells me most foreigners that move to or visit the Philippines are here for the ‘Sex Tourism’ and the ability to easily take advantage of the local population.

Seems to be very true for this guy… he jokes around about having sex with women in their early twenties, talks about his rich friends who do the same, he insults the people, calls them ugly, and talks about hanging around in the places my husband has warned me about… Pick-up spots like the Whynot discos and the McDonalds, etc.

It disgusts me that old white men from America and Europe can come to a beautiful paradise such as this and mar it with their revolting, beastly ways.
Every Filipino I’ve ever met or spoken to here is so polite and happy that it is almost unnerving, and the beauty of the people is well-matched by the beauty of the landscape.

So basically, I will be keeping this blog as a record of my own experiences here… not as a rich, spoiled, fat, white foreigner, but as a simple Lady living a simple life with her husband in a beautiful land.

I hope you’ll come along, and enjoy a different take on what I now consider to be our home country.


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