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A Good PR Story is Infinitely More Effective Than a Front Page Ad

Slowly but surely saving up bit by bit for the bistro…..I really don’t have much right now but like I said previous…it’s better than nuthin!

Also, I forgot to say that the other picture I included of the bamboo thing with a face is our piggy bank lol

Doming accidentally called it our ‘pork bank’ because he couldn’t remember ‘piggy bank’ so now we joke all the time that it’s our pork barrel fund.

Yesterday was fiesta for macaboo…er…makabu or however it’s spelled… we went to a million people’s houses and ate a trillion lechons and meatballs and ribs and drank five zillion gallons of coke and sprite….I was dying by the end of the day lol
Unfortunately no pictures, booo….god damn the ex for stealing my camera.
Literally EVERYONE was staring at me everywhere I went, it was sooo awkward, and as an anxiety-ridden basketcase, it makes socializing here sooo hard, because obviously, there ain’t no hiding my pasty pale white skin….and everyone always looks and wants to talk and so I’m learning my best to not have panic attacks and stuff when strangers talk to me and stare….

aaanywhoozy, I figured I would post here because there’s quite a few of you that read my bloggity….if you could, can you please vote for me to win a full PR campaign for the bistro?
And also maybe share with your friends?

A lot of people have been having issues finding where to vote, so here’s a picture:

Andhere is the links for everything you need to know about the bistro!

Vote Here for the PR Campaign Contest
Here is the Facebook Page
Here is my Indiegogo Campaign for Donating

YAY! Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, I really appreciate the eyes and I hope someday it’s much more exciting of a read 😉


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The Wise Warrior Avoids The Battle

I know not many of my readers are business types, but I feel like having a business-based rant today.

I’m in charge of marketing, SEO, social media management, online presence, etc for the Resort….and I’ve noticed a few things in these fields. 

From a business owner / CEO perspective, they all seem to think that the ‘Millenial’ way of doing business is unsustainable, childish, unrealistic, lax, unproductive, foolish, and risky.

They don’t see the point, nor even the benefits of actually communicating one-on-one with their potential ‘consumers’ on social media.

When they DO try to ‘do the twitter’ or join ‘the facebook’, they make such shitty, stupid rookie mistakes that everyone on the internet laughs at them, they get embarrassed, and then they usually say or do something that ends up with their company getting a huge pariah scar.
Then they blame everyone but themselves for the fact that they’re old, outdated, irrelevant, not funny or witty, and dying off.

I’ve read countless articles in the last few weeks that say Gen Y is lazy, unfocused, lacking valuable skills, and that we don’t know how to hunker down and do actual work.
The older folks berate us for listening to music while we work, or using unconventional office stuff like exercise balls instead of swivel chairs.
They say memes are passing fads. 
That our generation is doomed to failure and destitution because we refuse to stay at a shitty job if we hate it.
That we’re going to be in for a huge eye-opening punch in the face when we join the ‘real world’.

Well, Old folks, let me tell you a huge secret:
We’re listening to everything you’re saying about us.
And, as the adage goes….better be nice, because we’ve got control over what rest home you end up in.

What I mean is, we know how you’ve done business for the last god-knows-how-many years, pretty successfully, and you’ve made a comfortable living doing it.
We know you’ve got the keys to success in business, and we know that you’re pretty much grooming us to take over and be just like you.
We know you want to continue the ‘For-Profit’ shit.

But you know what? We don’t.

We’re used to being REALLY fucking uncomfortable.
We’re used to being in highly uncertain situations with no way out but to just start digging.
We’re creative, and we love to utilize new solutions, even if they’re made of bubblegum and toothpicks…..ESPECIALLY if they’re made of bubblegum and toothpicks, actually…and glitter.
We love new stuff,  but even more than that, we love new stuff that was made by our friends.
We love making friends, we love hanging out with those friends, we love helping our friends, and we think everyone is a potential friend.
We’re out to be comfortable and afford to eat and sleep in a safe, warm place.
We’re not out to be millionaires, because we realize we can’t make a decent meal out of paper and metal…..what we do realize however, is that if we learn to fish & forage…we can make a meal for a whole community.

Thus, our generation is a skills-based economic model, with a giant focus on collaborative community participation.
We don’t want your damn paper and metal money anymore. 
We realize you are sick, and you need to be cured.
If you refuse treatment, we will cut you off and out of our society.
If you try to harm us, we will not retaliate in conventional ways.
We are better than hair-pulling and rock throwing.
We’ll shine a bright light on you and your behavior and we will refuse to speak to you further.
We will shame you into self-punishment.

Sorry, but we rule the playgrounds now.
We are the fastest growing population on earth, and we’re all pretty fucking independent, intelligent, and we have a thirst for knowledge like the desert thirsts for rain.
We want our businesses to grow, prosper, but also remember their communities and customers. 
We don’t want your leash-like ties and your uncomfortable, media-okayed uniform of suits, briefcases, and shiny black shoes….we’re much more comfortable in clothing that allows our bodies the space and freedom to breathe.

(Not saying we don’t like to dress up, because we do, but we also realize it’s just a fun costume, it shouldn’t be your go-to definition for how you conduct yourself socially.)

We want the freedom to work, but also the freedom to have some fun….because we all realize none of us gets out of here alive.
Being alive should be fun! 
Businesses and companies should serve a larger purpose beyond trying to make a cult following in order to make a few more bucks to hoard away in some far-off bank account.

If you, as a business owner do not give a shit about us, we will not give a shit about you. 
And you want us to give a shit about you, because you need our money.
We’d rather give our money to our friends and family, because we know them.
We have intimate connections with them. We smile with them. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Our lives are intertwined.

That’s what you miss out on when you reject us.
In rejecting us, our business, our employment, and our generation….you are rejecting your community, your potential family, and your potential friends.

Remember when your parents told you:
‘I am your parent, I am not your best buddy!’

They fucked up….they should have been our best buddy, because our buddies know every little thing about us.

If you want to stick to the authoritarian, autocratic, boring, old-world, highbrow way of thinking and doing, by all means go ahead, but don’t expect us to live under your roof anymore….we’d rather be homeless and living on the street than put up with your pretentious shit.


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One Day She Will Tell You That She Has Had Enough




So remember when I said living with an addict is hard?
Well, living with abuse is impossible.

Damon went off the deep end last night, I’m not sure what caused it exactly, and he punched me twice in the face.
I was laying in bed, because it’s that time of the month, and I was in pain….he came in and started taking clothes off the shelf, so I asked him where he was going. He said, ‘Downtown.’ I asked if I could come, and he said No….he started talking randomly about going down town and doing a social experiment to see how women react to asshole guys or something, he wasn’t making much sense, so I said ‘Fine whatever, you go downtown and have fun, I’ll just lay here.’
He left, saying ‘My final experiment is done’ or something to that effect…

Then he came back in, music blasting from the cpu room, and just sat there on the bed, not doing or saying anything.
I told him I was in pain and I just want quiet and could he please have some respect for me?
He threw back ‘So I cook and clean and do everything for you and blah blah blah and you want respect?’
Then he left again.

Then he came back and said he was going to look stuff up online about breast cancer and that I’m ungrateful and bitchy and self centered and more blah blah blah, then he called me a cunt, and I got up and went onto the porch to get away from him.
I heard the door close, and I thought I heard him lock me out, so I went back inside, and said ‘I know I didn’t hear the lock on that door, right?’

And then he came at me. Put his hand around my neck and told me to get out of his house. I shoved him away three times and told him it wasn’t his house, and that I wasn’t going anywhere.

He went to the kitchen, and I went to the other side of the room, where Donna’s bedroom door is…I was fucking terrified he was going to pull a knife on me, but he just came at me to punch me.
I shoved him into the bathroom door, and he came at me and punched me in the face.
I shoved him again, into a hamper and shelving unit thingy….then his mom came out of the room and separated us, he was going to hit me again.

I went into Donna’s room to get away from him, and he started screaming about how all women are shit and he’s going to go disappear and that I was supposed to save him and I was his last hope and that his mother caused him to be this way and that having Auspergers is so hard, and how he doesn’t do anything but cook and feed us and we’re ungrateful and I’m a parasite and for Donna to give her money to terrorists when she dies and just….crazy, insane shit.

Totally off the wall shit.
Then he went into the bedroom and started smashing pictures and stuff, I haven’t seen the bedroom since I left it last night, so I have no idea what’s broken and what’s not.

My stuff is also in there but I’m avoiding that room for now….I packed my duffel a few weeks ago, and was ready to leave then, but I didn’t….I should have listened to myself, but I thought if he stopped drinking he’d get better.

I thought I smelled alcohol on his breath last night but I can’t be 100% positive.

This is a total disaster, but hey….at least if I can raise the money I can see my momma for Christmas….
I’ve been asking my friends on Facebook to help me, the cheapest flight right now is on the tenth, and it costs about $1078.00
After the tenth the cost goes up and over $1200.
I don’t feel safe here at all, but I need the internet access, and I don’t have money to go anywhere else. 

Once again, if you feel like you can help, now more than ever I really need help.
Every dollar counts, and I would seriously appreciate it.
For the Lady who wanted the picture of the rose for donating, I’ll have to draw/paint/photo-print one for you myself.
I’m not as talented as he is, I’m sorry….but I will do my darn best for you.

Donations can be made here:
Please Donate

Or you can interac transfer me an immediate donation at my email address:

Just let me know what the question and answer is for the security stuff.

I hope I can get home soon. I miss my mom and I don’t like feeling so fucking unsafe.

Anyone dealing with abuse:
It’s not worth it. 
And you NEVER deserve to get hit.
I don’t care if you’re the biggest asshole on earth, you don’t deserve to be hit or choked or belittled.

On the plus side, my last two relationships have taught me that I sure can take a fucking punch in the face….when I get back to Canada, I’m probably going to join MMA.

Ciao for now.


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