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A Good PR Story is Infinitely More Effective Than a Front Page Ad

Slowly but surely saving up bit by bit for the bistro…..I really don’t have much right now but like I said previous…it’s better than nuthin!

Also, I forgot to say that the other picture I included of the bamboo thing with a face is our piggy bank lol

Doming accidentally called it our ‘pork bank’ because he couldn’t remember ‘piggy bank’ so now we joke all the time that it’s our pork barrel fund.

Yesterday was fiesta for macaboo…er…makabu or however it’s spelled… we went to a million people’s houses and ate a trillion lechons and meatballs and ribs and drank five zillion gallons of coke and sprite….I was dying by the end of the day lol
Unfortunately no pictures, booo….god damn the ex for stealing my camera.
Literally EVERYONE was staring at me everywhere I went, it was sooo awkward, and as an anxiety-ridden basketcase, it makes socializing here sooo hard, because obviously, there ain’t no hiding my pasty pale white skin….and everyone always looks and wants to talk and so I’m learning my best to not have panic attacks and stuff when strangers talk to me and stare….

aaanywhoozy, I figured I would post here because there’s quite a few of you that read my bloggity….if you could, can you please vote for me to win a full PR campaign for the bistro?
And also maybe share with your friends?

A lot of people have been having issues finding where to vote, so here’s a picture:

Andhere is the links for everything you need to know about the bistro!

Vote Here for the PR Campaign Contest
Here is the Facebook Page
Here is my Indiegogo Campaign for Donating

YAY! Thanks to everyone who reads my blog, I really appreciate the eyes and I hope someday it’s much more exciting of a read ūüėČ


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They Do Not Love One Another – Because They Do Not Love Themselves.

I have a few bones to pick about the Philippine people today.
Please bear with me…while this sounds like a scathing scolding from a saucy white shithead, I assure my¬†gentle Filipino readers that I have your best interests and future cultural evolution at heart.

Also, another warning….in my previous blog posts, I have refrained from utilizing my ‘helping verbs’ (aka, my sailor-mouth)…today, this stops.

My writing for White Chocolate Hills Resort’s blog is perfectly professional and cuss-free.
When I write in my own blog, I don’t want to feel like a secretary writing a press release.
This is personal shit, I will utilize my personal voice from here on.

Those that are offended by the use of ‘bad’ words can please visit my more professional side, right here.

Back to the matter in mind.

In the last few months, I have had the pleasure of meeting many Filipinos, from every class distinction except ‘Elite, super-rich’ folks….though I know I will eventually get to meet them as well, since I’ve already been at one-remove from their world.

The one common thread I’ve felt is the Spirit and natural culture of the Philippine people….genuinely kind, helpful, good-humored, loyal and playful…with a mind-blowing, unshakeable optimism and determination to smile even if your whole world is burning to the ground.

While they’re great traits to have….in these modern times, it’s starting to drive the whole country onto hell’s highway.
Let me elaborate.

I was reading an article that said that Filipinos have onion-thin skin, and for no good reason…that there was nothing to be proud of in Filipino culture, and in fact, that the Philippines has no actual culture of their own in the first place.
I read a comment on the article…someone mentioned that they wanted to take pride in their heritage…but didn’t know what their heritage or culture consisted of.

I read countless articles that say the Philippines has ‘Nationalism by proxy’…being proud to be Filipino when watching Pacquiao or beauty queens and entertainers take the world stage.

I hear countless Filipinos who say America is their greatest ally and coolest friend, and that they want to move overseas to Canada to get a good job, and that they wish that their skin could be whiter, and that they love God and the church.

I see Filipinos get insulted and yelled at and talked about in front of their faces by arrogant, ignorant foreign visitors, and never sticking up for themselves.

I see young women with old men constantly.

I see people here who clean the shit out of their employees buildings/restrooms/kitchens/houses…..yet throw their leftover food on their own kitchen’s floors and never clean their own bathrooms.

I see Filipinos who are obsessed with taking showers and dousing themselves in smelly perfumes and hair products…yet don’t sweep their floors or pick up their trash from the side of the road.

I see everyone talking about being healthy and eating and having nutritious food and cooking well…..yet bleached, white rice is eaten for every single meal, and eating raw vegetables and plants is looked upon as crazy-talk from a wackadoo.

Now excuse me for being an idealistic, insane white foreign bitch, but The Philippine people need to stop sucking the tits of the West, and discover their roots again.

Cut the colonial shit, people….it’s fucked up.

I recently researched ancient Philippine traditional tattoo techniques….orange or calamansi thorn tattooing….and I gave myself a small tattoo on my wrist.

Five or six of the people I showed said that it was ugly, and that women who have tattoos take drugs.
When I told them that they were full of shit, and that before the Spanish and Church people brainwashed them, every Philippine warrior worth anything had tattoos….I was straight-up ignored or told I was wrong.

Somehow in another conversation, the subject of bras came up.
I mentioned that pre-colonial Filipinas didn’t wear bras or shirts, and Lord how The People Doth Looked At Me With Incredulous Eyeballs. I was like…’Well, what?! It’s true, and these days, the men STILL don’t wear shirts…why the hell do women have to wear them now?’
Because some white fucker on a boat got here and felt ashamed that he couldn’t control his fucking penis?

Speaking of penises and boobs, The Philippines also needs to be completely re-taught about sex and sexuality.
Again, Pre-colonial times, the Filipino people were highly sexually progressive, taught their children about sex, and naturally maintained monogamous relationships…with a few exceptions in the Muslim territories, where polygamy was considered okay.

Nowadays, talking about sex is so taboo its literally retarded….condoms are seen as gross and unnecessary….’pulling out’ is seen as an effective birth control method….gay people are ok, but only if you’re flaunting it or obvious about it….men cheating on women is seen as ‘concubinage’ but women cheating on men can land you in fucking jail for two years….the woman’s place is still in the bed and in the kitchen….if a woman is single, it’s seen as a character flaw….if a man is single, he’s a stud.
(That part isn’t so different than the West, I admit)
If a woman is sexually active, or wants anything more than a vanilla sex life, they’re seen as flawed….yet women are encouraged to dance, dress and act sexy, provocative, and to be frank…slutty.

Again…..we really need to stop emulating the West.
It’s destroying the country…it’s harming the people, it’s decimating the culture, and your previous knowledge and way of living is about to go extinct.

I personally suggest a re-naming of our entire country….The Philippines was named for one of our Spanish Colonizers….let’s begin the tidal wave of change and progression by establishing our own, unique culturally-relevant name.

Let me refresh your mind a little bit.


Yet you LOVE foreigners!
WTF, guys?


Be proud of the fact that pre-colonialism, you have an amazing culture rich in progress and steeped in mystery.

Pre-colonial Philippine people knew everything there was to know about agriculture, herbal medicine, irrigation, and cloth-making.
They had extensive, and impressive knowledge of ducks and animal husbandry.

Your pre-colonial art of war is fascinating…and deadly effective.
Your warrior spirit is impeccable, and unshakeable.
DO NOT FORGET your warriors.

Your ability to learn languages and communicate with other cultures is outstanding.
Pre-Colonial times shows that you knew about Sanskrit, Malay, Javanese, and many others.

Your natural abilities to navigate direction could rival anyone in the world, and your people were among the very first to travel on the ocean to trade with other people.

There are many, many reasons to be proud of being a Filipino.
Go back to the roots….if you forget your roots…..your branches will rot.


I think that’s all for now, folks…this is getting long-winded, and I’m getting pissed off.


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An Unpopular Electric Eel Set in a Pond of Catfish

Well hello, gentle readers!
Pretty decent day today overall…Damon and I tried to go see Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs 2 again… But when we got to Robinson’s, we found out the cinema was closed for another day…the poster for the movie is gone, too…so I don’t think I’ll get to see it in theatres…boooo.

We decided to go to the outdoor market.
I wanted to snap pictures, but I was too shy, so Damon took some while I was outside having a smoke… Enjoy!






Afterwards, Damon went to the bathroom at the McDonalds, and got me to take a picture of him and Ronnie…His most faaavorite clown in the whole world:


Can you tell I’m being sarcastic?
Ha Ha.

We stopped in at the oldest church in Negros, so I could see it, and to pay some respects to God… and not more than three minutes after we were sitting down and kneeling and doing our prayers, a funeral procession came in and filled up the rows around us.

Waaay to feel awkwaaard…We bowed our heads, said a few words, and quietly rushed out…
We were about a block away, walking back up the street to the Scoopy when I finally realized I had forgotten my backpack at the church.

I had to go back, all the way to the second pew from the front, and quietly ask during a still moment for my bag…I felt like such a dummy, and so embarrassed…the guy who died must have been a joker, watching it all and laughing at me from heaven.

Anyway, as we were driving home, I snapped a shot of the belfry…back in the day, I guess it used to ring to warn people that Pirates were in town.


And that was the day!
We came home, made a beautiful marinara that we’re going to eat when Donna goes to bed, and now I’m going to go have a smoke and watch the lightning from the porch!

Have a good one everybody.

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Magically Appearing Title is Magic…Whoops

This is Hay Goat

Well, I was going to give myself a two-day break from writing, but I decided to only make it one day.
I don’t have anything better to do, really, so why not write?

My longed-for rain finally arrived today and spent the whole day hanging out…Ha
Damon and I were going to go to the supermarket to pick up a few things, but as soon as we were about to hop on Scoopy, the sky opened up, so I spent the day just surfing the internet, drinking coffee, and sitting on the porch watching the cats play.

Down the lane a little bit there are two goats that I adore, and every once in a while I go to say hello and smuck them in the heads… Nothing to hurt them, it’s a game for both of us and they love it, every time I walk up to them and say ‘Haaay Goooat’, their tails start wiggling and they put their heads down to smuck my hand.
One I’ve called ‘Hay Goat’ and the other is ‘Butt Goat’ because that one prefers its butt being scratched instead of its head.

I hope someday I can own goats, it’d be fun to run around and play with them… Goats here are usually tied on small ropes and they can’t really wander very far at all…and goat’s milk and cheese is SO GOOD, it would be fun to learn how to make it.
I also want chickens, so we can have fresh eggs… But I guess that would mean putting up with a rooster, they get pretty noisy, but I’m getting very used to them, I think the people down the lane have about ten of them, and every morning they go craaazyyy warbling and ‘AgghhhhUAAAGH-AH-AH-AAAAH’-ing.

Speaking of birds, that is one thing I definitely miss about Canada… The Crows.
I miss crows and their caws…Big, majestic, black-feathered gatekeepers of the Spirit-Side.

That is another reason, as well, that I want to go to Siquijor, I heard its the magickal hot-spot here in the Philippines, and I would absolutely love to sit down and chat with some of the local spirit-working types, I think their stories would be fascinating, even if no one believes in any of the stuff anymore.
I guess since the Spanish and American immigrants came here, most of the Philippine people have been converted into practicing Christianity now.

Which isn’t a terrible thing, it’s a nice religion to follow for the most part, on the surface, most religions are…I suppose as long as you’re practicing what you preach, and are a good human being, you can’t really go wrong.
I’m not very religious personally, I’ve studied pretty much all of them and I can find good in them all, so I’ve always just considered myself more of a Spiritual person… I have a close personal relationship to God, and I often pray. Back in Canada, I’d go to church any time the spirit moved me, and it was never the same church twice. I’ve got to meet a lot of really nice people that way, and while I was hitch hiking cross-country, I found churches to be really awesome places for refuge and recharging my batteries.

I’d like to find a nice church to attend here, there are so many! But I haven’t got the courage yet to go.


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