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Sorry for the delay, I have been really busy doing the hustlegame.

I quit the resort job. It was getting to be waaay too much drama and way too much tension and my mental health took a dip in the deep end again…I ended up dissociating badly one day and I cut myself again.
Not proud of it.

So I left, and I live in Bais with Doming.
It’s a really nice, small neighborhood, about 10 minutes from the town centre.
I have an online freelancing job as a social media manager, building websites, doing graphic design and flyers/brochures/promo materials/logos, etc for businesses and also doing a bit of photography, even though I don’t have good equipment anymore.

Its a lot less money…about five bucks a day, but it’s enough for now.
I’m worried about my visa renewal, but…..that’s not something I have control over.

I rescued a stray cat named Scallywag, and she’s doing really good. A bit on the bitey side however.
I also tried to rescue a two week old kitten named Scooter….his mother had a litter in my yard and moved every one except him. I tried to feed him milk powder formula, but one day he went from perfectly fine to skeleton and he died in my hands.
I gave him a viking funeral so the ants wouldn’t eat him.
It was really traumatic, but I did my best.

About a month ago I went up the mountain to visit my friends, two of the construction worker guys at the resort live up there….and I got these wicked awesome photos!

I will try my hardest to update more often!!!

DSC01228 DSC01236 DSC01237 DSC01239 DSC01242 DSC01246 DSC01248 DSC01261 DSC01265 DSC01271 DSC01275 DSC01276 DSC01277 DSC01278 DSC01281 DSC01285 DSC01286 DSC01289 DSC01290 DSC01293 DSC01294 DSC01301 DSC01303 DSC01313 DSC01321 DSC01333 DSC01336 DSC01343 DSC01347


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Those Who Deny Reason Cannot Be Conquered By It

Well, here we go, almost time to go ‘On The Road Again…’ as the song goes!

Unfortunately, many of the workers here are moving on, since they are being treated in ways that they think is unfair.
I know, two sides (sometimes five!) to every story, but for the majority of the speaking, it is a negative picture being painted.
Without revealing too much, the owners are showing obvious, blatant, and regular signs of worker abuse, and after years of putting up with it, most of the workers are finished just laying down and taking it.

Thusly, I will not stick around for much longer.
I appreciate the opportunity to learn so much in such a short amount of time, and I appreciate what little has been given to me.
But I did not come to the Philippines to be criticized, ridiculed, and made to feel useless and incompetent.
I’m pretty sure I said the exact same things when I was leaving my ex, did I not? lol

Happily, I have been saving money for the Bistro….so I have a little bit of money to draw upon if need be for visas, until I can find suitable freelance work, or until I can get the food place up and running……I won’t give up on that idea, it’s been a dream of mine for many years to start my own Food Spot, and with over 11 years experience working in Kitchens, I know I can do it.

I think, in the last ten minutes, I have also scored a freelancing gig putting together and maintaining a website for a new ‘Zine here in the Philippines…….
Wut Wuuuut.
But in order to work it, I will need a bloody internet frigging connection if I leave to go live in Bais.
I will either have to work at an internet cafe or stay here for a bit longer….which even the idea of sickens me……
The last few weeks have been rough and I’ve been thinking of going back to self harm as a goddamn coping mechanism.
EWWWWW, gross Idea, Jessica!

Anywhoo, just wanted to update y’all 12 people who read this 😉
By the way, thanks for continuing to read this.

Also by the way….anyone else notice prices went up a bit on stuff at your local sari-saris?
Beer went up five pesos, and pancit noodles went up three pesos!


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Amazing Slam Poet

This guy is Asian, but the poem resonated to me about the Philippines, especially when he talks about America being a dream he looked up to…..

Check it out and share it around!

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The Superb, The Terrible, and The Whatevers

Aaah, So much can happen while you’re realistically doing nothing, within the Land of The Internet.

I suppose we shall tackle today’s bloggity in the order of my chosen title.

The Superb news, being that I won an awesome contest put on by Lady Reaper’s Fashion Emporium, on Facebook.
It was one of those ‘Share this picture and Win’ promos, and I entered for the heck of it, since I absolutely loved the look of the corset and dragon bangle… Woke up this morning, and Ka-Blammo! I was the winner! 
Here’s my prize:


I’m super excited about it, and I hope it gets to me alright…

Which segues into the freakin’ terrible.

I gave my buddy in Canada about $3oo.oo about a month ago so that she could buy some Lush products for me, since there is no Lush store in the area of the Philippines that I reside in… The closest one being, according to my research, in Manila, which I cannot afford to get to.

Here is a picture of the products sent:



Lush Products Left to right: T’eo deo, Demon in the Dark soap, Aromaco deo, Ice Blue soap, Flying Fox body wash, NEW solid shampoo, Grass body wash, Dirty body wash, Karma solid shampoo, & The Olive Branch body wash

She shipped them to my P.O Box, and gave me the tracking number, which I have been watching like a hawk for weeks.
I just checked it not more than ten minutes ago, and it looks very much like it is being sent back to the sender, for God-knows-what reason. 

So needless to say, since I find myself down to the last quarter of my Grass body wash, I am highly upset, and really frustrated… I probably can’t get a refund on the products, won’t get my money back, won’t get my Lush stuff, and will need to change my soap for the first time in… God… Seven Years!?!?!?!?!?

Which is going to be not only absolutely traumatizing for my skin, but for me as well, as any Lushie will attest to the fact that nothing beats the smell, coverage, useability, ‘last-iness’ and general amazingness of Lush products.

Which I guess SORT of segues into the Whatevers, which pretty much consists of me writing out my resume for TESL jobs, and looking into local modelling agencies. 

I used to do a lot of modelling, runway shows, hair shows, etc in Canada, and I really want to get back into the swing of things, ((Not to mention my mother-in-law has been hinting more and more lately about getting a ‘real’ job… Even though I’m not legally allowed to work in the Philippines without the paperwork, duh… ))
So I have been putting my feelers out for opportunities here, and teaching jobs in the surrounding areas like Taiwan, Japan, etc.

All in all, its been a rollercoaster day, and I hope everything eventually works itself out!!!


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