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Those Who Deny Reason Cannot Be Conquered By It

Well, here we go, almost time to go ‘On The Road Again…’ as the song goes!

Unfortunately, many of the workers here are moving on, since they are being treated in ways that they think is unfair.
I know, two sides (sometimes five!) to every story, but for the majority of the speaking, it is a negative picture being painted.
Without revealing too much, the owners are showing obvious, blatant, and regular signs of worker abuse, and after years of putting up with it, most of the workers are finished just laying down and taking it.

Thusly, I will not stick around for much longer.
I appreciate the opportunity to learn so much in such a short amount of time, and I appreciate what little has been given to me.
But I did not come to the Philippines to be criticized, ridiculed, and made to feel useless and incompetent.
I’m pretty sure I said the exact same things when I was leaving my ex, did I not? lol

Happily, I have been saving money for the Bistro….so I have a little bit of money to draw upon if need be for visas, until I can find suitable freelance work, or until I can get the food place up and running……I won’t give up on that idea, it’s been a dream of mine for many years to start my own Food Spot, and with over 11 years experience working in Kitchens, I know I can do it.

I think, in the last ten minutes, I have also scored a freelancing gig putting together and maintaining a website for a new ‘Zine here in the Philippines…….
Wut Wuuuut.
But in order to work it, I will need a bloody internet frigging connection if I leave to go live in Bais.
I will either have to work at an internet cafe or stay here for a bit longer….which even the idea of sickens me……
The last few weeks have been rough and I’ve been thinking of going back to self harm as a goddamn coping mechanism.
EWWWWW, gross Idea, Jessica!

Anywhoo, just wanted to update y’all 12 people who read this 😉
By the way, thanks for continuing to read this.

Also by the way….anyone else notice prices went up a bit on stuff at your local sari-saris?
Beer went up five pesos, and pancit noodles went up three pesos!


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The Best Way to Predict Your Future is To Create It

Oh yeah, forgot to add this yesterday…..if you can share the page, that would be FABULOUS of you…..if you can help even more with a donation, I’d be forever grateful, and there’s even rewards!

I also have a draft business plan written, as well as a sample menu & business card.
Here’s a preview:


An excerpt from the business plan:

My business idea for Bistro / Bakery ‘Grunt, Shuffle & Sigh’ is simply good food, at affordable prices, in an atmosphere that feels like home & makes you want to come back again and again.

I’ve been inspired by cooking my whole life…from watching & helping my Grandmother bake and cook for our family, to my very first job with a German chef, to my long career in kitchens, working with some of the best names in Canada, and being taught new ways to experience food, flavor, and cooking as an art form rather than just another job.
I am passionate, dedicated to my work, creative and able to take on a wide array of challenges with ease.

In a restaurant or food establishment, these are important factors, as you never know what’s going to happen…
One day can be perfectly normal, then the next day, your supplier is late, you have a rush of customers you’re unprepared for, the sound system isn’t working and someone doesn’t show up for work! For me, that kind of challenge is fun, and I live to solve difficult problems! I have also been working in the restaurant industry for more than 11 years, so I have seen my fair share, and have learned how to deal with most major problems.

The concept for our restaurant came after trying to find a simple, comfortable space to eat, while also retaining a feeling of ‘eating local’…a lot of new restaurants around Negros Oriental are very modern, and try to cater to foreign guests. This isn’t a problem, but we would like to have a place that serves high-quality Filipino food that is affordable to local citizens as well as foreigners, and an atmosphere that is comfortable for everyone.

Also, we have seen our menu items in other restaurants before, but with my 11+ years of experience in kitchens, I can confidently say we will offer a sensory experience like no other in all of Negros.

We are simple people, so our ambitions for the business remain simple as well.
Eventually, becoming involved in charity work will be a consideration, as it is highly important to give back to our community. If we do decide to expand, our choice locations are in Cebu, near Lapu-Lapu, as well as Bais, and Zamboanguita. This is due to family ties in each of these places, as well as an eye for future numbers as far as customer potential is concerned.

Please, please, please, please share!
I would love to finally be in charge of my own business, and it would be a breath of relief to be anchored to something….after 28 years of being a drifting pile of skin and bones, it’d be nice to finally own a teensy island in this raging sea of life.

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Art is Art, Water is Water, and Stewed Cranberries Are More Like Prunes Than Rhubarb

Well, I spent all night and day yesterday cleaning up old pictures of Damon’s, and putting together a simple website for him and his art. I think it turned out pretty darn good, and you can find it here:

A lot of his work was lost or damaged badly in a flood a few years back, but I did what I could, took my photos (( With Donna’s Camera, for all wondering souls, )) Cleaned the pictures up, put borders on ’em with GIMP, and uploaded them.

He’s such a darn talented man.

He’s also the type of artist who doesn’t really like the idea of selling his art, selling out to people who want ‘more sex’ and less story….There was an incident years ago when he still lived in Montreal he tells me about… Some hotshot from NYC wanted to see about publishing his book about Menalucia… They flew him out, schmoozed him, then got down to business.

They told him Mennie wasn’t ‘sexy’ enough, and that changes to her character would be needed.

Now, I know you lovely readers don’t know Mennie, but she’s a hero in her own right, a strong, brassy, brash character, Alive in the time of World War Two, and she certainly needs no ‘sexing up’, …She’d punch a guy in the face in a heartbeat for suggesting such a thing.

Needless to say, the book still isn’t published, and he’s highly protective of the pages he has left.
To be completely honest, even I still haven’t tried to read it.

So he told me the other night that if I wanted to be his agent, I could have the job, and I want to get his art and talent out to the few souls who would actually & sincerely appreciate his stuff.

Feel free to share his site, and please get back to us with any sort of questions or comments.
I would like to point out however, that this is my personal blog…all commission work that you may like to speak to him about can be done through his site.
I do take donations here, but I cannot guarantee that your donation will receive a gift from this point on….not only do I not want to flood him with work, but I also want to keep the two lines separate.
His site is his, mine is mine. I personally feel like it’s better business practice to do so.

(( As for your rose, Miss Lady, don’t worry, he’s already sat down and deliberated about it, he has a design in mind, and I think you’ll really, REALLY like it when it’s completed. ))

I shall leave you today with a picture he did of Violette Szabo….another amazing historical figure…she was a WW2 Secret Agent, organized resistance networks all over the place, and was ultimately executed by firing squad at Ravensbrück camp at the age of Twenty Three.



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An Artist of Theft – This Thief Stole the Nails As Well

A picture from Damon’s book….this is Menalucia.

I’m not sure what is up with this house and all the bad news that pumps out of it…

My camera was stolen.
Apparently no one had touched it, it was plugged into the computer and sitting on the desk, and the next day…It wasn’t.
In order to do this, someone had to come into the back yard, open the window, and take it.
In my opinion, something sketchy is at work here, but I’m not about to publicly accuse anyone of anything.

So that means, no more pictures for a while on my blog.
It also means my one hobby that made me feel free and happy is taken from me.
Another point of interest is that there was a mini Tabasco bottle on it, and that was the very first thing Damon ever gave me when I got here.
He’s obsessed with Tabasco so it was quite special to me.

It’s also not the first time things have been stolen…A few moths ago, Donna’s camera and scooter were stolen…the police eventually found the bike, but there’s no way to find my camera.
Damn them, whoever they are.

Again, more strife happening in the land of paradise…

On Saturday, the 19th, I had a bit of a fit, because its been constant fights for the last week or so…and so Donna said she’d pay for the boat fees to send Damon and I to Siquijor for a few days to relax and unwind, and that she’d talk to her friend about me volunteering at an organization that teaches street kids English and stuff so they can go to school…yesterday we all got up early to go to the market as a family… I was going to just sleep and let them go alone, but I decided to participate… I got up, Donna made me a coffee, Damon took a shower, everything was perfectly fine…and then because he was taking too long to put on his shoes and get out the door, she threw a fit, threw a chair, slammed a bunch of doors, and stayed in her room for two days.

Today was supposed to be the day I went to meet with the volunteer-Lady, but obviously, I haven’t gone….they went to immigration to renew Damon’s passport 8 days early, which I don’t think you can do…but we shall see when they get home.

Last night, Damon and I made pizzas… home made sauce, and veggies all cut up, green, red and white onions, sun dried tomatoes, parmesan, mozzarella, green and red tomatoes, green and red peppers, and olives on his.
They were deeeeelicious, so good! And we ate them while sitting on the porch…the moon was super-bright white, its been looking a bit larger lately, I’m not sure what’s causing it, but I’ve no complaints… the other night it was like it was on fire, it was sitting behind a cloud and it lit up all the edges in a really nice yellow/golden/orange color, it was fantastic, I wish I could have gotten a picture of it.

Anyway, I don’t want this to be a wall of text, I know blogs are much harder to enjoy without pictures, so I will sign off.

If anyone is feeling particularly helpful, or if you enjoy my blogs, please consider donating, so I can A ) Replace my camera, and B ) Turn this blog into a full-time job.

I’ve been thinking of perks for donations, and I suppose I could start sending people Photo Prints of my photography ((when I replace the camera and start up again)) or Damon can draw pictures for people…

I’ve never shared how good of an artist he is, so here are a few more of his drawings.




The Donating button can be found right here, and any amount at all helps:

Please consider Donating?

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