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Mankind Was My Business!

I’m just going to leave this right here!

Indiegogo for the Bistro

Been saving as much as I can each week, and so far for the business, I have 3,800 Php saved!
That’s really not a whole lot, but it’s way better than nothing!
We also checked into the paperwork….LOTS of papers to get and clearances to get and permits and blah blah…..then my working visa, then finding a place to rent…..(We’ve got our eyes on four different spots already though…..)

I took a few shots of the barbecue down the street that we go to for supper….there’s an adorable white dog that always sits patiently for me to share with him:

10697348_551440248335867_2599861563197937821_o 10636387_551440581669167_3580496149721833620_o1912093_551440531669172_5948409820594269669_o  10708752_551440475002511_3975254719023841157_o

If he was cleaned up, he’d be a GREAT dog….he’s smart as a whip.
Speaking of adorable dogs……there was a baby pup we found in behind one of the houses here at the resort.
Like a stupid frigging moron, I hung out with it all day, gave it food, and it stuck to me like velcro, nuzzled into my neck and fell asleep for the whole day on my chest….I gave it a bath and everything…..

But then the boss got back and even after saying I’d be responsible entirely for its care, nope, get rid of it.
Unfortunately, it’s because there’s already two dogs here, and they have been TERRIBLY trained….they still jump and nip at people and don’t listen to anything at all.

I know how to train a dog properly, especially a pup…so that would have been no issue.
But I ain’t the boss.

So I had to send the dog away, it broke my goddamn heart and I’m still upset about it, but what can I do?

I just have to wait to get my own place…then I can rescue a poor puppo and work on spaying and neutering other strays.

Not much new going on….I never really get out anywhere lol
Oh well!
Check out my indie gogo campaign and maybe think of helping out?


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Magically Appearing Title is Magic…Whoops

This is Hay Goat

Well, I was going to give myself a two-day break from writing, but I decided to only make it one day.
I don’t have anything better to do, really, so why not write?

My longed-for rain finally arrived today and spent the whole day hanging out…Ha
Damon and I were going to go to the supermarket to pick up a few things, but as soon as we were about to hop on Scoopy, the sky opened up, so I spent the day just surfing the internet, drinking coffee, and sitting on the porch watching the cats play.

Down the lane a little bit there are two goats that I adore, and every once in a while I go to say hello and smuck them in the heads… Nothing to hurt them, it’s a game for both of us and they love it, every time I walk up to them and say ‘Haaay Goooat’, their tails start wiggling and they put their heads down to smuck my hand.
One I’ve called ‘Hay Goat’ and the other is ‘Butt Goat’ because that one prefers its butt being scratched instead of its head.

I hope someday I can own goats, it’d be fun to run around and play with them… Goats here are usually tied on small ropes and they can’t really wander very far at all…and goat’s milk and cheese is SO GOOD, it would be fun to learn how to make it.
I also want chickens, so we can have fresh eggs… But I guess that would mean putting up with a rooster, they get pretty noisy, but I’m getting very used to them, I think the people down the lane have about ten of them, and every morning they go craaazyyy warbling and ‘AgghhhhUAAAGH-AH-AH-AAAAH’-ing.

Speaking of birds, that is one thing I definitely miss about Canada… The Crows.
I miss crows and their caws…Big, majestic, black-feathered gatekeepers of the Spirit-Side.

That is another reason, as well, that I want to go to Siquijor, I heard its the magickal hot-spot here in the Philippines, and I would absolutely love to sit down and chat with some of the local spirit-working types, I think their stories would be fascinating, even if no one believes in any of the stuff anymore.
I guess since the Spanish and American immigrants came here, most of the Philippine people have been converted into practicing Christianity now.

Which isn’t a terrible thing, it’s a nice religion to follow for the most part, on the surface, most religions are…I suppose as long as you’re practicing what you preach, and are a good human being, you can’t really go wrong.
I’m not very religious personally, I’ve studied pretty much all of them and I can find good in them all, so I’ve always just considered myself more of a Spiritual person… I have a close personal relationship to God, and I often pray. Back in Canada, I’d go to church any time the spirit moved me, and it was never the same church twice. I’ve got to meet a lot of really nice people that way, and while I was hitch hiking cross-country, I found churches to be really awesome places for refuge and recharging my batteries.

I’d like to find a nice church to attend here, there are so many! But I haven’t got the courage yet to go.


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Never Try To Outstubborn a Cat

Wow. I have fallen to the terrible tropical fever known as ‘Sleeping All Day’ Syndrome.
It is extremely easy to fall prey to this fever, especially if you don’t have to worry about a job, or any sort of time-sensitive endeavor.

Unfortunately, we own ten cats.
When I woke up and came out of my room today, I was attacked by at least six furry, meowing, twisting bodies…like a hungry swarm of soft, tame sharks writhing in between my feet and around my legs… wishing they could murder me, but knowing I’m the only one in the house today that can open the precious, magical food door of awesomeness.

I took care of them, took care of myself with noodles and coffee, and settled in to write a new bloggity.
It’s nice to have a hobby again, writing is one of those things I used to do in notebooks, for myself, and for little-to-no purpose, but now I get to feel like people may actually derive entertainment from my writing!

So yes.
You did, in fact read that correctly.
Ten cats, two dogs.

Damon and I have this mutual problem, where if we see a teensy motherless, mewling mess on the side of the road, we have an obsessive compulsion to pick it up and let it slowly start to crawl its way into our moldy old hearts.
More than likely a result of the parasites each one probably carries, this strange burrowing behavior takes root within seconds, and cannot be reversed… Especially if the cat in question is smaller than your average sandwich.

So needless to say, since I arrived, we’ve succumbed five times to this effect.

The good part about what we do, however, is that we spay and neuter the cats that we rescue, de-worm them, clean them all up, and give them a safe place to call home.
It is ridiculously common in the Philippines to see abandoned animals on the sides of the roads.
The main problem is that cats and dogs are seen more of nuisances, alarm systems, and work animals rather than pets. On top of that, it is considered bad luck to kill cats, so many just leave them somewhere to starve and die naturally, or they get run over by cars… Out of sight, out of mind, I suppose.

Damon’s mom, Donna tell us that the stray-cat-saving needs to stop, and that we can’t take in any more, it’s getting too expensive, etc, etc, blah, blah… But every few months, we manage to sneak another into the group while she’s away teaching… It makes me feel like an Underground Railway operator sometimes – Ha!

I set up a Facebook page for it about a month ago, but I don’t update it as regularly as this blog, simply because life with cats is pretty much the same thing every day… They attack you for food, they eat, they leave for the day or sleep, at night they tear around the house beating each other up, they sleep, and then the next day begins… But I suppose if people are interested in seeing their pictures, I will post the link below.

The Furbaby Funhouse


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