The Wise Warrior Avoids The Battle

10 Jul

I know not many of my readers are business types, but I feel like having a business-based rant today.

I’m in charge of marketing, SEO, social media management, online presence, etc for the Resort….and I’ve noticed a few things in these fields. 

From a business owner / CEO perspective, they all seem to think that the ‘Millenial’ way of doing business is unsustainable, childish, unrealistic, lax, unproductive, foolish, and risky.

They don’t see the point, nor even the benefits of actually communicating one-on-one with their potential ‘consumers’ on social media.

When they DO try to ‘do the twitter’ or join ‘the facebook’, they make such shitty, stupid rookie mistakes that everyone on the internet laughs at them, they get embarrassed, and then they usually say or do something that ends up with their company getting a huge pariah scar.
Then they blame everyone but themselves for the fact that they’re old, outdated, irrelevant, not funny or witty, and dying off.

I’ve read countless articles in the last few weeks that say Gen Y is lazy, unfocused, lacking valuable skills, and that we don’t know how to hunker down and do actual work.
The older folks berate us for listening to music while we work, or using unconventional office stuff like exercise balls instead of swivel chairs.
They say memes are passing fads. 
That our generation is doomed to failure and destitution because we refuse to stay at a shitty job if we hate it.
That we’re going to be in for a huge eye-opening punch in the face when we join the ‘real world’.

Well, Old folks, let me tell you a huge secret:
We’re listening to everything you’re saying about us.
And, as the adage goes….better be nice, because we’ve got control over what rest home you end up in.

What I mean is, we know how you’ve done business for the last god-knows-how-many years, pretty successfully, and you’ve made a comfortable living doing it.
We know you’ve got the keys to success in business, and we know that you’re pretty much grooming us to take over and be just like you.
We know you want to continue the ‘For-Profit’ shit.

But you know what? We don’t.

We’re used to being REALLY fucking uncomfortable.
We’re used to being in highly uncertain situations with no way out but to just start digging.
We’re creative, and we love to utilize new solutions, even if they’re made of bubblegum and toothpicks…..ESPECIALLY if they’re made of bubblegum and toothpicks, actually…and glitter.
We love new stuff,  but even more than that, we love new stuff that was made by our friends.
We love making friends, we love hanging out with those friends, we love helping our friends, and we think everyone is a potential friend.
We’re out to be comfortable and afford to eat and sleep in a safe, warm place.
We’re not out to be millionaires, because we realize we can’t make a decent meal out of paper and metal…..what we do realize however, is that if we learn to fish & forage…we can make a meal for a whole community.

Thus, our generation is a skills-based economic model, with a giant focus on collaborative community participation.
We don’t want your damn paper and metal money anymore. 
We realize you are sick, and you need to be cured.
If you refuse treatment, we will cut you off and out of our society.
If you try to harm us, we will not retaliate in conventional ways.
We are better than hair-pulling and rock throwing.
We’ll shine a bright light on you and your behavior and we will refuse to speak to you further.
We will shame you into self-punishment.

Sorry, but we rule the playgrounds now.
We are the fastest growing population on earth, and we’re all pretty fucking independent, intelligent, and we have a thirst for knowledge like the desert thirsts for rain.
We want our businesses to grow, prosper, but also remember their communities and customers. 
We don’t want your leash-like ties and your uncomfortable, media-okayed uniform of suits, briefcases, and shiny black shoes….we’re much more comfortable in clothing that allows our bodies the space and freedom to breathe.

(Not saying we don’t like to dress up, because we do, but we also realize it’s just a fun costume, it shouldn’t be your go-to definition for how you conduct yourself socially.)

We want the freedom to work, but also the freedom to have some fun….because we all realize none of us gets out of here alive.
Being alive should be fun! 
Businesses and companies should serve a larger purpose beyond trying to make a cult following in order to make a few more bucks to hoard away in some far-off bank account.

If you, as a business owner do not give a shit about us, we will not give a shit about you. 
And you want us to give a shit about you, because you need our money.
We’d rather give our money to our friends and family, because we know them.
We have intimate connections with them. We smile with them. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Our lives are intertwined.

That’s what you miss out on when you reject us.
In rejecting us, our business, our employment, and our generation….you are rejecting your community, your potential family, and your potential friends.

Remember when your parents told you:
‘I am your parent, I am not your best buddy!’

They fucked up….they should have been our best buddy, because our buddies know every little thing about us.

If you want to stick to the authoritarian, autocratic, boring, old-world, highbrow way of thinking and doing, by all means go ahead, but don’t expect us to live under your roof anymore….we’d rather be homeless and living on the street than put up with your pretentious shit.


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5 responses to “The Wise Warrior Avoids The Battle

  1. Mark Fitzgerald

    July 10, 2014 at 1:52 pm


    I enjoy your blog,I really do and I’ve read every bit of it without comment until now.

    You make the same mistake many before you have made. You think you’ve stumbled on something brand new that’s unique to your generation. You think all your talk about community, economics, and life in general is a new found thought, but it’s not. The hippies of the 60’s thought the same thing. Free love, the clothes, communes,at peace with nature and on and on. So where are they now? They either burned out, sold out, or became bitter dregs that went nowhere in life. At some point they grew up and had families and in order to provide for their family they decided that being homeless really wasn’t a great life. They got tired of their communes because human nature being what it is, they got tired of doing twice as much work so someone else could sit on their ass and get stoned, or they were the last one left getting stoned and it dawned on them that nobody was feeding their lazy ass anymore.

    The whole “parents are your friends” movement raised a bunch of selfish,petulant, adult-child humans who can’t function in the real world that blame everybody for their failures but themselves. If you have children you have a duty to prepare them for life, not be their best buddy. A nine year old wants what it wants and doesn’t care whether it’s good for them or not, and while other 9 year olds may all agree with them, it’s a parents job to set boundaries and limitations.

    Anyways, I wish you well on your journey. As someone about twice your age I can assure you that your views will change with time and for the most part your generation will end up being more or less the same as every generation before.

    Hope you’re still in the Philippines in a couple of years when I get there to retire, I’d enjoy discussing, life, politics, the world etc over a couple of cold beverages.


    • Jessica Conrad

      July 11, 2014 at 2:50 am

      First, thanks for taking the time to read my bloggity! I love writing, and I’m glad it’s worth reading.

      But let’s get to brass tacks!
      I don’t believe I’ve stumbled upon something brand new.
      I’ve been bandying about the idea of original generational thoughts for years now.
      I do see similarities and streams that my generation is and will continue to follow that will eventually smooth out and become the ‘same old, same old’.
      I agree with you on that.

      I also agree that yesterday’s ‘hippie love children’ are today’s homeless drug addicts and middle aged business owners….Our opinions differ here though.

      Capitalism and corporatocracy have such a tight stranglehold on the globe that differentiating and trying to live outside the ‘system’ has been pretty much impossible.
      You need food to eat, housing to live in, clothing to wear, etc, and like you said, people get tired of feeding and clothing your ass when you don’t pull your weight when and where you can.

      The fun, and genuinely different thing about ‘Gen Y Millennials’ is that we have a rapid and measurable rate of innovation….beginning in the mid-80s until now, we have seen technology outpace itself constantly….and now instead of waiting three or four years for the ‘next big thing’, we only have to wait three or four weeks.

      Our generation has access to and has an incredible thirst for global communication, collaboration, and learning about EVERYTHING…..we are self-taught, and don’t rely on experts, teachers, college or universities to give us the go-ahead or the certificates that tell us we are capable.

      We do prize a few things from the old generations…of course, we still speak to those who have paved the roads we want to travel down…we have mentors, heroes, and successful folks that we look up to, emulate, and try to best.

      But we don’t stop when someone tells us ‘No’ or ‘You Can’t Do That.’
      We find out why you think we can’t do that…..and is it logical for the answer to be a no.

      Like a parent saying no to a request to hang out with friends after 8pm.
      Because you think we need enough rest so we can have a fully-functioning body system in the morning in order to sit in a chair for eight hours sucking up spoon-fed information so we can pass a standardized test so our schools will come out on top and they’ll receive more funding from the local government?

      Nope, we’d rather ignore your no, and go hang out with our friends, smoke pot, and do some coding, which could lead to building an entirely new system of computing for the globe.

      Like a Parent who says No to hanging out in a new/different/strange/rundown neighborhood.
      Because the people living there are statistically lower on the socio-economic totem pole, and statistically more prone to violence, gang behavior, drugs, and other unsavory practices. Run down buildings contain unseen hazards like aesbestos, tetanus-riddled nails, molding floorboards that can give out, and other dangers.

      Nope, we are aware of the risks involved, and more often than not, we are intelligent enough to understand what we’re putting ourselves into. We usually end up fixing those run-down buildings, replacing the floors, painting the walls with colorful murals and uplifting imagery, ((aka Graffiti)) making new friends thus uplifting possibly suicidal human beings, giving people ways to participate in their communities, (urban farming, potlucks, art shows, local talent shows, comedy clubs, speakeasies, hard skills like fixing bikes, construction basics, beer brewing, gardening, sewing, etc)) and educating people on other ways of living rather than turning to a neverending cycle of violent behavior triggered by a lack of social interest or community pride.

      Like a company that says No to a raise even though you’ve put in five years working for minimum wage and you’re still living paycheck to paycheck at the age of 32?
      Because last quarter we didn’t make enough of a profit, and global prices are rising for commodities, and we don’t see the value in your work because we don’t leave our offices.

      Nooooope, we’d rather, like I said, be homeless or living with six other people in a four bedroom house than work at a stale job making someone else millions of bucks.

      We’re starting to realize that global trade is not currently fair or reasonable.
      We’re realizing exactly how much big companies are paid, and exactly how much disparity there is between our work on the ground, and their work in the penthouses.
      We know how to be self-sufficient, and we realize that our great-great-great-great-great etc fathers had some pretty baller skills that can be applied to today’s living.
      We’ve invented a whole new system of currency ((Bitcoin)) and we’re not afraid to use it instead of paper & metal.
      It’s easy and even ideal to get off the grid and fuck the system these days.

      While past generations were idealistic and gung-ho, we’re practical, and we’re the respawn of the old ideas. We like taking the old and making it new again….and adding fifty other newer things to it that work.

      We’re not against making a profit, but we refuse to make a profit at the expense of other people or the rest of the world…that’s what sets us apart.
      And the fact that we’re globally connected, communication-wise, means that more than ever, its easy to find out who’s a scammer, who’s a charlatan, and who to cut off from society.

      The ONLY risk….is if too many of our brightest end up distracted by buyouts.
      *Oooh, shiiiiny…dooo waaant*

      The second and next-biggest risk is that while the Western world is getting its shit together, the ‘Big Good Ol Boys’ will just move over here to Asia and continue with the population here…..a few of these Asian countries are SO colonialized and brainwashed/whitewashed that they’d literally kill each other for the chance to prove themselves worthy to the corporate monarchy of the world.

      Sorry for the giant reply lol

  2. Mark Fitzgerald

    July 11, 2014 at 5:21 am

    No need to apologize for the giant reply… was well thought out and made several excellent points. I agree there are a certain amount of changes generation to generation, some good and some bad…..the one constant in life is change after all.

    Some of the things you mentioned I’m doing in my own life. I’m in the middle of fixing up my second house (no graffiti though lol), and as soon as it’s paid for and finished, it goes on the market and becomes my retirement fund. I’m moving to the Philippines for some of the very reasons you mentioned…,culture, and the desire to not have to work till I die, as I would likely do if I stayed here in the US.

    I do find your take on economics/business to be a bit different than mine. I work for a very large retail corp. here. I’m a low level manager, and feel I’m paid fairly for my work even if the CEO may make 300 times what I make. Could it be a fairer split between upper management and the hourly worker, yeah I’m sure it could be, but it is what it is. Most of the actual profits go to the shareholders and I find that perfectly acceptable.

    As for “living outside the system”, frankly I have no desire for that. The capitalist system while not perfect has turned our lives from subsistence farmers toiling away from sun up to sun down in hopes of growing/hunting enough food to almost starve on, to a life of relative ease where we can choose what we wish to spend our day doing and if that is deemed a value to someone else, trade that for our food,housing,etc.

    In the global sense, the info world we live in needs a call center, a place like the Philippines where poverty is rampant needs the jobs. While I expect that the employees be treated decently, I think that both sides can win. The corp. makes a profit, distributes that to shareholders which some other entity uses to pay its pension plans so a retired person can live off their investment. All the while the local person makes a living, typically at a better rate than they were making before the call center came along.

    Ok….I could go on, but it’s 1:30 am here and I have to work in the morning.


    • Jessica Conrad

      July 11, 2014 at 5:58 am

      Thanks, and good luck to your house and your future, I really would love to hang out, would be a blast to have some good debates! ((Remember: Come to Duuumaguuueeteee…not the citieees!!))

      I read a really fascinating book that I can’t remember the name of now. (Go Figure) But it was about the history and causes of war.

      It brings up the fact that we left the toiling/hunter/gatherer life shortly after realizing it was easier to just take someone else’s hard-earned work for ourselves….thus began cities, boundaries, laws, jails, bigger and better war tactics and weapons systems, etc

      I do believe that today’s agricultural methods are more efficient and better-yielding than yesterday’s.
      I’m not speaking about GMO seeds or pest-resistant crops, but about rooftop gardening, tiered gardens, aqua-and-hydroponics, seasonal companion planting & symbiotic gardening, sustainable foraging and hunting, bigger communities involved in the processes, from planting to harvest time…..

      Not to mention that since we mostly all live within urban landscapes, we have easier access to those harvests, and can reach more people than if you were to live 20km from the local marketplace.

      I can’t really speak about the business aspects of stuff, since I’ve never been given the opportunity to work in a management position. While I can confidently say I do have the skills and hands-on experience of managing large groups of people effectively, I haven’t ever taken a university or college course that proves I am capable.

      What does resonate with me, however is when you stated that ‘Yeah, pay could be more fairly dispersed’ then said ‘But it is what it is’
      THIS is what my generation is changing.
      We refuse to say ‘It is what it is’….because its unfair!
      You should receive what you’re worth! You should be uncomfortable with the fact that you’re basically being taken advantage of by a big corporation!

      I like the new model that Just Us! Fair Trade Coffee has….the shareholders and the investors are separate entities.
      The shareholders are only people who work for the company.
      That is real benefit.
      If you want to invest in their business, cool….but you’re part of a separate entity, you don’t own the company.
      What a FANTASTIC model!

      I can also say that in the info world, we don’t quite need a call centre…..but we do need to connect more people all over the globe, with more reliable internet on more reliable technological devices.

      Speaking from experience, call centres are rigid, stodgy, behind the times (ironically) and barely make money.
      Thusly, they pay their workers not so well at all if you really break it down.

      Here in the Philippines, Convergys only pays about 10K pesos a month….which is about $250 Canadian. Now, granted, the economy here has less inflation, and your peso is going to go a lot further…..but that’s still cheating the people overseas, when I worked for Convergys in Canada, I was paid around $800 a month, which is a bit over 30K pesos.
      That’s 20 thousand pesos less that people overseas lose out on because….why?
      Economy? What a shitty reason.
      Also, in order for a local worker to get a job at a call centre, they need to have excellent speaking and comprehension levels in English. I applied for a few call centres when I first landed here, and I’ll tell you….I’m more proficient in English than most of my peers…and even I found the tests confusing…and in some cases…incorrect!

      The fact that you need to know English means you need to grow up learning English in order to ‘get ahead in life’ and make a decent living for yourself in the current capitalism-rewarding world.
      This means many of the new ’emerging economies’ of the ‘third world’ are experiencing linguistic imperialism.

      Which brings a whole new slew of problems that are much too long to list here, suffice to say….whole countries full of fantastic cultural diversity are being wiped out by whitewashing the populations & misleading them to believe capitalism and commercial opportunities are rosier concepts than they truly are.

      Colonization in the name of profits, Capitalism, and in general, the entire system of modern ‘Democracy’ has proven to be bloodthirsty, unsustainable, and destructive.

      • Mark Fitzgerald

        July 12, 2014 at 1:17 am

        I guess when I said “it is what it is”, my point of it was it really isn’t enough to worry about or really make a difference. Even if you took the 10 million dollars the CEO and top management makes and divide that amongst the 50,000 other employees, it work out to about an extra $200 a year in my paycheck but then who would be responsible for running the multi-billion dollar business?

        As I said before, I do feel I’m fairly compensated for my time. I get my base pay and then I have 3 different bonuses that I can make. One is if the store overall hits its numbers, one is if I hit my min. numbers, and another if I hit 30% above my numbers. So far this year I’ve hit all of them, every month.
        I’ve been there a little over 2 years and I’ve gotten 3 raises and I already get 2 weeks vacation…..not bad for a guy with nothing more than a HS diploma.

        I don’t know anything about the business you mentioned, but I’ll look into just so I know what I’m talking about. But the very meaning of shareholder is owner.Maybe they’re an employee owned business where the employees own the business and therefore they are also shareholders….but I can own shares in the company I work for and so do most people that work for major corporations.

        As for capitalism in general. True capitalism requires both the buyer and seller to feel like they have gotten a fair deal. Crony capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and all that are just using capitalism as a blunt instrument…’s not the fault of capitalism per se, but how the system is allowed to be used.

        And don’t even get me started about Democracy…..there’s an old saying that democracy is two wolves and one sheep deciding what’s for dinner. Democracy is nothing more than mob rule and 51% of the people getting to decide how to treat the other 49% (interchange any over/under % you want) Politically I’m a hard core Libertarian and I think the US founders had it mostly right to have made our country a representative republic based on the rule of law…..unfortunately the system has now been so perverted and bastardized that I see little hope for its future.

        Off to bed,



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