Delay is Delayed

14 Dec

Sorry I haven’t written in a really long time….obviously, as you can read in the last post, I’ve been dealing with stuff here in the house. 

Still working on things, Donna’s been away to Cebu since Tuesday, the tenth…

Damon and I are working on things, drinking has not stopped, but I’ve been making double the effort to control my emotions, and so has he. 

I’m still worried about the future, and I still need to find a way to make money online, just in case it comes to that again.
Damon’s talking about us leaving for China so he can get a job.
A lot of talking has been going on and I will update longer in a few days.

I’m sorry for leaving you guys in the dark so much, but ‘real life’ comes in as first priority for me.

Blog soon.

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