Should Be Called Typhoon ‘Pisses Me Off-a’

14 Nov

I woke up in a very bad mood.

The bright white, fluffy clouds and unbelievably crisp blue sky belies the carnage that rests not more than a three hour flight away from me.

A record number of people checked out the last blog post, but still no one has donated yet.
I have a feeling it’s because technically, no one really knows me from Tom or Harry… But I can assure you I have 100% best intentions, and I know hat I am doing, and I am confident in my plans and goals.

If it’s security you need, contact me on my blog, and I will add you to my personal Facebook page, and you can go right ahead and ask my friends list what they think of me, I have tons of character witnesses, including me ol’ mumma.

My biggest concern right now, friends of the World, is that the Philippine people are very naive to the dangers of organizational corruption in groups like the Red Cross, UNICEF, and the US Government, not to mention their very own politicians.

Now, I am NOT saying that all the volunteers showing up here are anything but helpful….I appreciate everything people are trying to do for our country…..but they are taking their orders from someone above them before they are allowed to help the people on the ground…, supplies, and people power are NOT GETTING TO THEM FAST ENOUGH, because, for example, the Red Cross has to deliberate with ‘the board’ to give the people in charge on the ground the go-ahead to go here and do that, then those people have to let the volunteers know what the plan is, blaaahblaaah, that process takes hours, days, weeks, and it helps absolutely NO ONE.

Which means that people trapped under debris could have had a chance at survival six days ago, if someone was organizing a community-based direct democracy like ‘Occupy’, but now people have to wait for equipment to get here, then get the route plans, then the dumping area plan, then the go-ahead, etc, you get it????

I have DIRECT EXPERIENCE with that type of community organization.

I am fortunate enough to BE HERE on the ground already, and I have been here for seven months already, I know the people, know the culture, and know what needs to be done for boosting spirits and getting things done like clearing debris and keeping the kids happy, feeding people and maintaining security culture.

I am also fortunate in that I answer to no one but God….If I feel I can help people faster, please support me in trying to do so.

PLEASE help me help them.

Also, Damon is offering signed numbered prints of his artwork for any and all donations.

See examples of his work here: Orphan Works

Also, my personal email for money transfers is:
I would use paypal, but it takes a week to transfer funds to a bank account.

Once again, I will outline my goals for an Occupy-style camp here, so no one has to go digging for the last blog post.
If you have suggestions or comments, please share them.
Your input matters.

My current goals are as follows:

1. Get To An Effected Area
2. Immediate set up of impermanent shelter for myself and my surrounding area
3. Set up a food tent and begin cooking meals for people
4. Have daily meetings with the community, assess immediate needs, and via direct democracy, implement those needs.
5. Begin a clean-up crew, separating debris into three main piles: Useable Wood, Useable Metal, and Unuseable
6. Begin workshops/Stations for  Health & Wellness, Arts & Culture, Food, and Media Outreach

My random thoughts on all of this have been:

* I’m worried about storage of the dead, identification of bodies, and contamination of the soil and water….

* Cooking food will be a challenge, there is a fuel shortage, no electricity, and not much access to clean water…perhaps we may have to stick to raw food diet for a while, teach people how to forage for food, introduce sushi to people, etc….

* Since there is a lack of medicine and food, as I just said, I want to contact a shaman/medicine man/someone who knows the natural flora and fauna, and start teaching workshops to the people on herbal remedies, naturally foraged foods, and I want to bring along a list of medicinal plants and herbs found in the Philippines.

* I’m going to need someone to translate for me, and maybe set up an Eng/Tagalog workshop, to teach each other our languages.

* Children are going to need very special attention, art workshops, counselling, comfort groups, and getting back to being able to just play is important.

* We’re going to need safety at night…I need to look into solar lights, flashlights, night patrols, maintaining a community fire, creating community in the settlements, support networking, etc.

* I want to begin a nightly drum circle, to raise spirits and maintain community cohesion and have nightly community potluck, in order to feed as many as possible.

* We need to eventually look into transportation and rideshares to spread outward to outlying areas…places in isolation quickly deteriorate into lawlessness.

* I want to eventually set up a live feed of the site I maintain, in order to show the outside world what it is like on the ground, and to inspire others to do something themselves.

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