Occupy Yolanda’s Wake

13 Nov

I’ve been mulling and stewing for a few days about what I can do to help the Philippines, in the wake of the typhoon that has struck and destroyed my new-found home.

I’ve decided the best thing I can do is the one thing I have experience with.
I want to Occupy a space in one of the destroyed cities that aren’t getting the attention that places like Tacloban and Palawan, in the same manner that was done for Occupy Nova Scotia.


I was one of the first people involved with ONS when it began, and I saw through all of the processes, from discussion on the internet straight through to the destruction and eviction of the people in Victoria Park.

I have direct knowledge of setting up tent cities, building more permanent infrastructures, creating and maintaining educational and inspirational workshops, feeding large groups of people with highly limited resources, maintaining a ‘security culture’, creating fundraisers and social media awareness, and much more.

I am about 98% confident I can pull it off here in the Philippines, but my very main obstacle currently is actually getting to one of these areas.

For this immediate goal, I am going to share my personal email for donations. 
I swear to my readers that I will not use any funds for anything other than relief efforts.
I will, in the manner of ONS, be keeping paper records of all donations as well as photo blogging the entire thing…You will know where your money goes, down to the penny.

My current goals are as follows:

1. Get To An Effected Area
2. Set up impermanent shelter for myself and my surrounding area
3. Set up a food tent and begin cooking meals for people
4. Have daily meetings with the community, assess immediate needs, and via direct democracy, implement those needs.
5. Begin a clean-up crew, separating debris into three main piles: Useable Wood, Useable Metal, and Unuseable
6. Begin workshops/Stations for  Health & Wellness, Arts & Culture, Food, and Media Outreach

My random thoughts on all of this have been:

* I’m worried about storage of the dead, identification of bodies, and contamination of the soil and water….

* Cooking food will be a challenge, there is a fuel shortage, no electricity, and not much access to clean water…perhaps we may have to stick to raw food diet for a while, teach people how to forage for food, introduce sushi to people, etc….

* Since there is a lack of medicine and food, as I just said, I want to contact a shaman/medicine man/someone who knows the natural flora and fauna, and start teaching workshops to the people on herbal remedies, naturally foraged foods, and I want to bring along a list of medicinal plants and herbs found in the Philippines.

* I’m going to need someone to translate for me, and maybe set up an Eng/Tagalog workshop, to teach each other our languages.

* Children are going to need very special attention, art workshops, counselling, comfort groups, and getting back to being able to just play is important.

* We’re going to need safety at night…I need to look into solar lights, flashlights, night patrols, maintaining a community fire, creating community in the settlements, support networking, etc.

* I want to begin a nightly drum circle, to raise spirits and maintain community cohesion and have nightly community potluck, in order to feed as many as possible.

* We need to eventually look into transportation and rideshares to spread outward to outlying areas…places in isolation quickly deteriorate into lawlessness.

* I want to eventually set up a live feed of the site I maintain, in order to show the outside world what it is like on the ground, and to inspire others to do something themselves.

If you would like to help me get this endeavor out of my head and onto the ground, please donate via my personal email, because paypal takes up to a week to transfer funds to my bank account, and I cannot wait that long.

My email is

Thank You.

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