The Rabbit Shrieks, Dying in The Green Meadows

10 Nov

Well, I’m sure you all have heard now about Typhoon Yolanda…
Obviously, I’m doing fine, though we had about two days with spotty power.


The above map is to show exactly what happened where… the typhoon hit from the right side, and Tacloban is apparently the worst-hit area.

I live juuust outside Dumaguete, which as you can see, is fairly sheltered from anything hitting us. I am also living in an elevated area, not at the top of a mountain per se, but definitely way above sea-level, and far away from a coastal area… 
It is about a twenty minute scooter ride to the coast from my area, and about ten-to-fifteen minutes to the top of the mountain.

A lot of the time, Manila is the hardest hit from these storms, but this one was a bit more central and knocked a lot of people on their butts… And that is seriously putting it mildly.

I actually hadn’t realized the extent of the damage, or the sickening death toll until today when I got back online.
Our area was not badly hit whatsoever. 

The wind picked up maybe five times, and it rained for the entire day, but it wasn’t torrential or worrisome amounts… during the height of the storm in our area, I compared it to basically a regular summer evening storm in Halifax, Nova Scotia…
Even when I was hitch hiking through Montreal, I’ve seen worse storms…
There was a night in Montreal that it rained so badly the street flooded up to our shins within ten minutes, and a crowd of people had to wait out the rain in a shopping mall.

My point had been that I didn’t think whatsoever that the other parts of this beautiful country would have it so badly.
Apparently the death toll is nearing ten thousand people, and the destruction of towns along the coasts is easily within the billion dollar range.

I’m so surprised that what can be total horror for one part of this country can be just a wisp of air in another… I know it’s like that for every country, I’m sure, but this storm really nailed that fact home for me. 
This place is made up of over seven thousand islands, and each and every one is as different as night and day.

I definitely count myself very lucky to be in a safe-haven of an area, weather-wise.

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