An Unpopular Electric Eel Set in a Pond of Catfish

16 Oct

Well hello, gentle readers!
Pretty decent day today overall…Damon and I tried to go see Cloudy With a Chance Of Meatballs 2 again… But when we got to Robinson’s, we found out the cinema was closed for another day…the poster for the movie is gone, too…so I don’t think I’ll get to see it in theatres…boooo.

We decided to go to the outdoor market.
I wanted to snap pictures, but I was too shy, so Damon took some while I was outside having a smoke… Enjoy!






Afterwards, Damon went to the bathroom at the McDonalds, and got me to take a picture of him and Ronnie…His most faaavorite clown in the whole world:


Can you tell I’m being sarcastic?
Ha Ha.

We stopped in at the oldest church in Negros, so I could see it, and to pay some respects to God… and not more than three minutes after we were sitting down and kneeling and doing our prayers, a funeral procession came in and filled up the rows around us.

Waaay to feel awkwaaard…We bowed our heads, said a few words, and quietly rushed out…
We were about a block away, walking back up the street to the Scoopy when I finally realized I had forgotten my backpack at the church.

I had to go back, all the way to the second pew from the front, and quietly ask during a still moment for my bag…I felt like such a dummy, and so embarrassed…the guy who died must have been a joker, watching it all and laughing at me from heaven.

Anyway, as we were driving home, I snapped a shot of the belfry…back in the day, I guess it used to ring to warn people that Pirates were in town.


And that was the day!
We came home, made a beautiful marinara that we’re going to eat when Donna goes to bed, and now I’m going to go have a smoke and watch the lightning from the porch!

Have a good one everybody.

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