Ting-A-Ling, You Son of A Bitch

15 Oct

Forgive my title today, but Mr. Vonnegut is one of my all-time favorite authors, hands-down, ever… And that quote entirely sums up my feelings about the day’s events.

I don’t know how many of you loverly readers keep up on the news, but there was a 7.2 Mag earthquake today, here in the Philippines…

I have NEVER in my life been so nervous, and apparently there were quite a few casualties, God rest their souls.

Follow: I was sleeping, dreaming, doing my unconscious thang…when all of a sudden I bolted up in bed, wide awake, cursing my head off…The whole room was shaking and swaying, and my head had that swimmy, disoriented, off-balance feeling you get when you spin around in circles way too many times.

I knew I couldn’t possibly have spun around in circles while I was asleep, and my brain quickly put things together.
I instinctively half-bolted, half-crawled, half-asleep for the doorframe, keeping low to the ground. Once I got to the door, I woke up a bit more, stopped my cursing, and realized in a second that the things you’re told on T.V. more than likely aren’t true whatsoever, and if the house was going to collapse, I wouldn’t be safe in a door frame.

I let my instincts kick into high gear, and I just remember thinking the safest place would be outside.
The water-jug dispenser thing tipped over onto the ground, flooding the kitchen floor with water, and then it pretty much stopped.

The complete vulnerability I felt was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before…knowing you’re at the total mercy of the ground you’re standing upon is a really, really weird feeling.

Damon has been through an earthquake in China that was apparently worse, so after it was over he just turned to me and said ‘Well I guess I’ll put the water on, make some coffee, then we’ll go into town.’

I couldn’t believe my ears, I thought he was insane, but that’s basically exactly what we did… We had planned last night to go and buy some art supplies, some things for the house, some food, and he was going to take me to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2.

Once we went into town and got to the mall, we found out the cinema was closed, the hardware store was closed, and a few other places were closed, so we basically just bought groceries and came home…

When we were at Lee Plaza Mall, the power went out, which was kindof cool, I’ve never been in a mall with the lights out before…..Throughout the day there were tremors and I almost lost it every time, I REALLY don’t like earthquakes at all.

Two pictures I snapped of the mall power failure:

Christmas decorations in October! Looks creepy.

Christmas decorations in October! Looks creepy.

The escalator going into pitch black

The escalator going into pitch black

For supper, he cooked a beautiful crusted salmon dinner with brown butter shredded potatoes, tomato-mozzarella salad and a balsamic vinegar dressing for me, and made himself a honkin’ big snausage with sauerkraut, brown mustard and onion.

I shall leave you today with a video of the two youngest kittens, Bev & Ellie and Splatter all playing together in the living room.

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