Ol’ Crow Nibblin on the Amnythyst Seeds

12 Oct

I spent a good amount of time today out in the yard.

It started off with shooing the kittens out of the house because Damon was doing some cleaning and organizing.
I tried to apply to a few jobs on that bloody good-fer-nothin’ Odesk site again, and then *frrghzt*… The power went out.

So, instead of losing my mind, I went out to the porch and watched the cats as they zoomed around the yard….Splatter and Smudge are wild little cats, and were tearing around in the garden.
I decided it’d be best if the kittens learned ‘The Ropes’ from those two, so I picked them up and took them to the bushes, dumped them off and stood back to observe.
Nothing exciting happened, the blacker one, Ellie got along just fine climbing rocks and attacking grass, but Bev, the whiter one, seems to be a bit on the slow side when it comes to playing… she tried to make a break for the porch a few times, but I just kept bringing her back out into the yard and eventually, she just followed Ellie around.

I started wandering up the side of the yard, looking at the plants, touching Mimosa clusters, and trying to find something exciting to photograph, when I got distracted by a bunch of ivy-looking plants on the ground under a fern…it had wrapped itself around some grass, and was pretty much climbing to Nowhereville.
I got a stick, stuck it haphazardly into the ground, uncurled the ivy off of the grass, and draped it on my newly stuck stick, which I pointed in the direction of our stone wall-fence thing.

After I had finished that, I went around back to the now-defunct veggie-ish garden thing, and realized Ray had dug up every little thing in the ground, except two forlorn, distressed-looking pepper bushes. There was a pile of pulled-up plants outside the garden-thing’s perimeter that had some kind of pods growing all over them, and I was going to replant them…there were still pretty decent root structures on at least three of them…But I couldn’t find the trowel, and only found the big shovel instead.

I replanted one of the pepper plants in the middle of the plot, because the root system was showing, and it was falling down a slight incline…terrible conditions for the poor thing… And I took off all of the pod-things I could find on all of the pulled-up plants.

I then went over to the two very dead and decaying old sunflowers we have, beheaded them, and carefully floofered the seeds out of their heads into my hand.
I scattered the seeds all around the back yard perimeter, and did the same for the mystery-pods after splitting them open.

After that was all said and done, I stopped to regard the spot in the yard I buried a snake a few months ago.

I found the snake’s poor corpse a while ago in the front yard. It was completely covered in ants, and I felt terrible about it…
I felt like the ants just didn’t care enough about the poor snake to show it much regard as their food-source, and I felt like the way they were swarming all over its body was very savage in nature.
So, I maneuvered it onto a trowel and shook off the ants, laid it on a dishcloth in the back yard while I dug a grave, placed it into the hole, covered it up, said a few words for the poor little guy, and marked the area with a long, heavy rock that I found on the lane.

Fast-forward to today, I noticed that there was a beautiful new plant growing around the rock that I’ve never seen here before, and so I took a few photos.



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