Newness Never Knew News Was A Noose

27 Sep
Lady Reaper Corset I won from the back.

Lady Reaper Corset I won from the back.

Lady Reaper Corset I won!

Lady Reaper Corset I won!

So there you have it! Not only a new, updated picture of me, but also a picture of the corset in real life. I think it is just dazzlingly fantastic, and it is my new favorite piece of clothing in my wardrobe.

It took a day to get to me, as the clothing company is stationed right here in the Philippines… From what I can tell, it is a relatively new company, but I know it’s going to do brilliantly, everything is super cheap, and well-made.

Here is the link to their FB page:
Lady Reaper

The weather today had me sweating my darn bollocks off… super humid and hot even though it rained a tiny bit in the afternoon… A lot of the times, the heat is pretty bearable, but sometimes it just really gets to me.
When I first got here though, that was a different story… I could barely breathe all the time, and I was drenching every article of clothing I had in sweat.
In Canada, the average summer temperature is about 27-28 degrees C, but here, the average daily temperature is about 30 degrees C.

On one hand, glorious… on the other, torture if you’re not used to it.

Now that I’ve had time to acclimate it doesn’t effect me as much, and I secretly kinda like giggling maniacally to myself, watching all my friend’s statuses become all about the weather getting colder and sweaters being pulled out of closets while I wipe the sweat off my chin and sit in my underwear.

Another beautiful thing I will never take for granted about the Philippines is the absolute mind-blowing sunsets and sunrises.
I just watched the sun go down, and the way the light framed all these big, poofy clouds with fiery, golden lines was freakin’ amazing.
The sunrises are always a blazing red color, like God himself cut the sky open to watch it bleed into daytime.

That gives me an idea to do a time-lapse video of a sunset, maybe I will soon, you’ll just have to watch this space!

I think Damon and I are going to go photo-hunting tomorrow, pack a picnic and just go driving, so I hope to have a few more good photos soon of the landscape as well. I suggested to Damon we go on a Photowalk that’s happening in the city on the fifth, but he’s not the ‘mingling with others’ type, so I’ll have to settle for taking photos alone with him… I don’t mind it, but I do wish I could hang out with other people and make some friends sometimes… I just wish he would come along, I’m shy as it is, and it’s nice to have someone by my side in social situations.

One small note for those that follow my writing here… since I cannot legally work here without papers and visas, and I can’t technically pay the bills or feed myself with nothing, please consider supporting me and allowing me to continue not only living in this beautiful country, but also to turn writing into a full-time gig. Any amount helps, and I promise in the future there will be perks to your donations.

Please consider buying my groceries?


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3 responses to “Newness Never Knew News Was A Noose

  1. lovinchelle

    September 27, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Great corset beautiful photos


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