The Superb, The Terrible, and The Whatevers

22 Sep

Aaah, So much can happen while you’re realistically doing nothing, within the Land of The Internet.

I suppose we shall tackle today’s bloggity in the order of my chosen title.

The Superb news, being that I won an awesome contest put on by Lady Reaper’s Fashion Emporium, on Facebook.
It was one of those ‘Share this picture and Win’ promos, and I entered for the heck of it, since I absolutely loved the look of the corset and dragon bangle… Woke up this morning, and Ka-Blammo! I was the winner! 
Here’s my prize:


I’m super excited about it, and I hope it gets to me alright…

Which segues into the freakin’ terrible.

I gave my buddy in Canada about $3oo.oo about a month ago so that she could buy some Lush products for me, since there is no Lush store in the area of the Philippines that I reside in… The closest one being, according to my research, in Manila, which I cannot afford to get to.

Here is a picture of the products sent:



Lush Products Left to right: T’eo deo, Demon in the Dark soap, Aromaco deo, Ice Blue soap, Flying Fox body wash, NEW solid shampoo, Grass body wash, Dirty body wash, Karma solid shampoo, & The Olive Branch body wash

She shipped them to my P.O Box, and gave me the tracking number, which I have been watching like a hawk for weeks.
I just checked it not more than ten minutes ago, and it looks very much like it is being sent back to the sender, for God-knows-what reason. 

So needless to say, since I find myself down to the last quarter of my Grass body wash, I am highly upset, and really frustrated… I probably can’t get a refund on the products, won’t get my money back, won’t get my Lush stuff, and will need to change my soap for the first time in… God… Seven Years!?!?!?!?!?

Which is going to be not only absolutely traumatizing for my skin, but for me as well, as any Lushie will attest to the fact that nothing beats the smell, coverage, useability, ‘last-iness’ and general amazingness of Lush products.

Which I guess SORT of segues into the Whatevers, which pretty much consists of me writing out my resume for TESL jobs, and looking into local modelling agencies. 

I used to do a lot of modelling, runway shows, hair shows, etc in Canada, and I really want to get back into the swing of things, ((Not to mention my mother-in-law has been hinting more and more lately about getting a ‘real’ job… Even though I’m not legally allowed to work in the Philippines without the paperwork, duh… ))
So I have been putting my feelers out for opportunities here, and teaching jobs in the surrounding areas like Taiwan, Japan, etc.

All in all, its been a rollercoaster day, and I hope everything eventually works itself out!!!


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2 responses to “The Superb, The Terrible, and The Whatevers

  1. theoxfordowl

    September 24, 2013 at 10:15 am

    Beautiful corset! 🙂 That sucks about your parcel, though 😦

    • Victoria Flint

      September 24, 2013 at 3:51 pm

      Isn’t it?! All their stuff is so lovely, this corset and ear cuff reminds me of Danerys from Game of Thrones


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